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Samstag, 12. August 2017, 19:02

Valtyr | 80 Cap | Oldschool | Only CH | Vote4silk | Grand Opening 18.08.2017!!

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Sonntag, 22. Oktober 2017, 12:22

Server Update 22-10-2017

New Pet Charmander
New Scroll Valtyr Lucky Scroll
you will get
1% Lucky increase.
1% Alchemy Probability increase.
Second World Boss Rage Cloud
Drop Moon Item ( 6% )
Drop Item Mall Items and much more
Add Rage Cloud Spawn Point like Roc
Respawn Time 3-6h

Join a Job and Create a Academy
Job Level 5
Job honor Rank 1 = kill 1 Graduates 5 Honor Points
Character Lookup added Honor Point
Honor Rank refresh every 1H
Add Job reward happy Winter Box after
selling goods relog and the item is in inventar

Top Gold Player Server Notice
Top Hunter Server Notice
Top Thief Server Notice
Top Trader Server Notice

(lock system)
send $SystemBot in chat the Message
Lock (dont wait answer)
You will Receive a msg (in msg box) with a pw
(save it on in a text file or what ever you have and delete the msg)
to lock or unlock your items
$SystemBot pw/123456 (123456 is the pw)( the pw from the msg box)


Sonntag, 29. Oktober 2017, 15:00

Added Video

Server Inspection 29-10-2017
Add Activity Point
Activity Point you will get perH
Activity Point you will get by Job a Scroll
Activity Point you will get by Vote4Silk
Added Reborn Scroll you will get if you use 1 x int str 35 & hp Mp 400 by lvl 1
Added title Name Scroll
Added more Job Reward
Change Honor Ranking back to old
if you selling goods you will get Job Reward Scroll
use it and you will get 1 Graduates & 5 Honor Point
some images changed
Write to $SystemBot Hello
Edited SystemBot with new Free Function
if you want to Remove Premium write to me /RemoveMyPremium
if you want to Remove Pk write to me /RemoveMyPK
if you want to Remove Forgotten World write to me /RemoveMyFGW
You dont have SP No Problem i can add write to me /iWantSP
if you want to Reborn for Free write to me /FreeReborn you will be back to level 1 int&str 30 and hp&mp 300
if you want Free Title write me /NeedTitle


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Server Restart Reopen 25-04-2018 New Information