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Freitag, 13. April 2007, 12:11


Also nochmal: nach langem suchen habe ich einen ultimatieven alchemieguide gefunden

leider: nur in englisch

haben ihn als word.doc und kann ihn jedem interessenten gerne zukommen lassen

greets to all players



Freitag, 13. April 2007, 12:37

kann man auch nachgucken.... ist sogar deutsch =)

rechts in der Navigations-leiste findet man manchmal nützlche sachen-------------------->


Freitag, 13. April 2007, 13:05

kann nicht zugreifen :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer: :mauer:


Freitag, 13. April 2007, 14:03

Bester Blation,

du hast volkommen recht, das ist der ganz allgemeine einsteiger-guide.

ich habe aber einen ganz detailierten mit bildern, beispielen und genauen reihenfolgen zum pimpen.

Assimilation-erklärung, Steinfarben-erklärung usw.




Freitag, 13. April 2007, 15:39

dann poste doch mal den englischen hier, und dann kann man ev. übersetzen? :)


Freitag, 13. April 2007, 17:55

ok hier dann mal


STEP 1 Finding alchemy items, breaking items down to elements.
As we all know sometimes when we fight monsters they drop us items, gold, elixirs, etc... due to the new update we can expect to start seeing new items such as tablets, stones and alchemy alchemy drops.
When you find items such as a banana, red eyes, tooth for monkey, etc these items contain a number of details on the actual item itself. So if you move your mouse over the items you will notice it gives information such the name, what it does, what it is and what you can gain from it when breaking it down.

At the bottom you will see details such as this,
Earth Element 5th lvl 2 units
Water Element 3rd lvl 1 unit
Fire Element 7th lvl 3 units
Wind Element 5th lvl 1 unit
** The above is an example only.

Once you have finished training and after gathering a number of alchemy items which can be broken down or are associated with the alchemy system, it is now time to break them or disassemble them.

Purchase 1 one Void Ronda from the Grocery NPC in any town the NPC which sells PvP capes. Open the alchemy system press A and then select the alchemy button. Place the Void Ronda potion in the alchemy system and then add all the random alchemy items which can be broken down. Now look on each on one by moving your mouse over the items which you loaded onto the screen/alchemy system you should see at the bottom it stats required units. This indicates how many Void Ronda is required to break down that amount of alchemy items. Do these for each of the items which you have loaded onto the screen and add them together. Lets say you got 56, now go back and purchase 55 Void Ronda and add them to the alchemy system so you have a total of 56 void ronda as well as the alchemy items. Now press FUSE ALL to begin breaking them down.
**NOTE It may require a lot of space in your inventory to break all the items into its 4 elements, so ensure you have a very empty inventory if you have a lot of alchemy items to break down.

If you have 6 bananas which have the following stats,
Earth Element 5th lvl 2 units
Water Element 3rd lvl 1 unit
Fire Element 7th lvl 3 units
Wind Element 5th lvl 1 unit

Then you will gain a total of
2x6 Earth Elements of 5th lvl 12 units
1x6 Water Elements of 3rd lvl 6 units

Ensure you store these elements into your guild or personal storage.

STEP 2 Using tablets, fusing elements to make stones.
Now that you continue to break down items to creat elements its time to find some tablets. These tablets can be found from monsters randomly. There are TWO 2 types, alchemy tablets and magical tablets.

Alchemy Tablets purple- Are tablets which change your weapons/armour ability by changing weapon criticals, parry ratio, attack rating, weapon durability and so on.

Magical Tablets green- Are tablets which add magical abilities to your weapons/armour such as adding 1 strength, 1 intelligence, 10 ice resistance and so on.

When you find a tablet is almost like a scroll or a guide which shows you how to make that stone. When you look at a tablet it will indicate its name, its ability is it alchemy or magical, what its affects are and what units elements are required.

For example, a Ruby Alchemy Stone lvl7 increase a 7th degree weapons attack rating. A Ruby Alchemy Stone lvl3 increase a 3rd degree weapons attack rating. In other words if you are using 7th degree weapons lvl52, 56 and 60 and you find a lvl5 tablet, it would be very useless to you and chances are you would NPC the item or sell it to a player who needs lvl5 tablets.

A ruby tablet lvl7 might require the following
Earth Element 5th lvl 120 units
Water Element 5th lvl 20 unit
Fire Element 5th lvl 50 units
Wind Element 5th lvl 80 unit

In other words, for you to make the stone to add to you weapon to increase the attack rating you would need 120 earth elements, 20 Water elements, 50 fire elements and 80 wind elements. Once you have gained all the appropriate elements as well as their appropriate lvls you can then use the alchemy system to create your stone. Simply add the tablet 1st followed by the elements. Once you have meet the requirements click FUSE button... boom you have now made an official 7th degree attack rating stone, which increase a weapons attack rating.

STEP 3 Final stages, adding stone to items and attribute assimulation
Once you have made your stone you can store it away, sell it or simply use it on your weapon if possible. Like adding elixirs to your items, the stones are exactly the same. Simply open alchemy system select the appropriate tab at the top, enter the stone and the weapon/armour and click on FUSE button. If successful, you will gain a higher attack rating or what ever your stone does. If you fail nothing occurs.

There is also a chance of attribute assimulation to occur. This basically means you may gain more than what you wanted for. Example, a Ruby Stone which only designed to add attack rating may undergo attribute assimulation and instead of only getting attack rating increased you may also gain an increase in weapon damage, weapon critical, etc.
Additional Information
And 1 more thing

Attention for who is new to this new alchemy

Only apply stone on Valuable Items such as SOS, SOM, SOSUN or Weapon 5 or above, dont EVER waste stones on normal items or weapon 3 or below

Some very important stones and they r all expensive are below

Stone of Challenge Reset Crit of weapon

Stone of Discipline Add Attribute of Block Parry Ratio to weapon

Stone of Penetration Add Attribute of Critical Parry Ratio to Shield

Stone of INT Add Attribute of INT on Head, Chest , Leg

Stone of STR Add Attribute of STR on Head, Chest , Leg

Stone of Stammina Add Attribute of HP on Head, Chest , Leg

Luck, A very RARE stone.

Stone of Luck Add Luck Attribute to item

Some other stones are pretty useful like

Stone of Courage Reset the Phy Attack Power Value of weapon
Stone of Philosophy Reset the Mag Attack Power Value of weapon
Stone of Focus Reset the Attack Rating of weapon

For all Attribute Stones Reset and add new value... Only use Stones when the current beside the value is low like

Physical Attack Power 641-717 15

The 15 is quite low, this is chance to reset it and obtain new value, more chance to be higher , if its 50 or above, then leave it there , dont try unless u have tons of stones.

The negitive effects if a stone fails is you lose the stones but it does NOT harm the item. But the stone CAN SUCCEED but reset the stat and fix another stat.

ExampleYou use a philosophy stone, It succeded but goes to 0, But the critical might raise higher or the phy attk.


've seen a lot of posts in the past about alchemy, and how some people can never +5 their items or weapons.

Alchemy can be very frustrating, but at the same time very rewarding. Alchemy is one of the better things about silkroad that I like. Much like gambling it is very addicting, and its always something to do when your bored of grinding.

I see a lot of people say they've used 80 some elixirs and don't have a +4 weapon. I see a lot of people complaining that they have used 6 astrals and their weapon always fails.

Alchemy 101

The biggest secret to alchemy is right in the help file, as follows:

If I purchase an item, and it goes 1-2-3 very easily, I know it can go to +4.

If the item fails on 2's and 3's, you know its going to be difficult to get +4.

If the item goes 1-2-3-4 easily, I know the item can go to +5.

If it was real easy to go +5, this item has potential to be +7.

If it took 50 elixirs to get to +4, your going to have a very hard time getting +5.

I think people lose a lot of money because they just won't admit the item has bad luck. Eventually, its time to put the item down and try a different one. There are reasons some people get +5 on the first try, and you couldn't get it with 80 elixirs.

Maybe it takes a couple tries, but I usually get it. Sometimes I buy items cheap and +5 them just to sell them again.

My chest and gloves would never go +5. I replaced them. Chest went on second try. Gloves went on fourth try.

Both of my rings went on first try. But my earrings didn't. After a couple million in elixirs, I replaced them, and +5'ed my new ones third try.

My +7 bow went about like this. 1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3-4-4-5-6-7.

Here are some examples of very rewarding moments.

Why won't your item go +5 ?

-The item has poor luck, and probably won't go +5 easily.
-Some items were never meant to be +5
-You have no discipline, and you crammed 40 elixirs in the window and lost them
-You told yourself it has to go eventually' which is only somewhat true.

Will you +5 my item?

No. (^_~)


Don't think anyone knows how lucky 'truly' works. Neither do I. But heres a hypothetical theory.

You fail. You use a lucky. Its not enough - you still fail.
You fail. You use a lucky. Its enough - and succeeds.
You succeed. No lucky used.

This *tries* to explain the lucky phenominum:

Succeed without remove
Succeed with remove
Fail with remove.

The Goods

I rarely share info about my character... and I really wanted to finish the +5 set. But the cap might go up and these will be sold. So heres my current works. Shoulders and boots unfinished, because they suck.

Following that, a project I just finished (glaive). It took 4 astrals to make it +5, so I dont think Im going to try +7.

OKAY here what happen.
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