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Montag, 27. Februar 2012, 17:05

[Silkroad] Perfection Season 2 -- Open Beta -- Instant 110 PvP Server With Tournments


  • Welcome back to perfection, the longest lasting PvP server in silkroad history, season two of perfection has been launched, we will welcome back all our players, and we will always stay the #1 silkroad private server!

What does Perfection Offer:

  • Biggest PvP Community
  • Biggest Trade Job Community
  • Instant 110 Pvp Server
  • No Lag and Reliable Staff/Server

What is New:

  • No Teleport Lag
  • No Switch Lag
  • No PvP Lag
  • New Custom Shops with new items
  • Better and fixed Trading system
  • Clean and amazing game play
  • Working towards 100% Balanced Chinese/Euro Races
  • Working towards 100% balanced skills
  • Working towards 100% balanced items
  • Easy money from trades!
  • Fixed Alchemy System

Website & Download & Register:

Server Slots:

  • Slots: 2500 [500 Reserved]
  • 3x Game Server using 2x Servers on 1Gbit Connection!

Screen Shots:

Question & Answers:

  1. What about perfection/perfection2/InsaneSRO old donators?
    • Don't worry, all your donations will stay, if you donated for example 10 euro, you will get 10 euro worth of items on this server too! Read our forums for more information, it will take a lot of time to restore all 50,000+ donators items/silk/points! So be patient!

[*]What makes this different from the last Perfection and new pvp servers?

  • The Perfection team put there heads together and decided to think outside the box this time. We rearlised that simply making a server and giving people items and letting them go pvp at the jangan gates, wasn't really isnt what a pvp server should be about. We decided character progression is still a huge part of the game but as it being a PVP server it shouldnt be about leveling by killing monsters over and over again. We looked at various options on how we could have both instant pvp action and also character progression. Here is some of the ideas we are implementing if not have already:

    PVP as a whole - we looked at the current and last PVP systems we had in Perfection and decided we didnt just want to focus on the 1 v 1 aspect. We wanted to explore all forms of pvp the game could potentialy offer and as result made a number of changes to our systems to aid that.

    Improved job system - Jobbing itself is a huge part of silkroad and can bring alot of fun to the group pvp aspect. We decided to encourage players to use this system by increasing the rates massively so the gold amounts you gain be it thief/hunter/trader will be worth it. Currently jobbing is the main way for a character to make gold on the server and improve his gear.

    New PVP Gear - We noted form the feedback from alot of players that in our closed Alpha testing that the 120 cap was perhaps a waste and not worthwhile to bring to the Perfection servers. Instead of wasting this resource we have decided to modify the d12 and d13 items into a new form of items. These will be pvp items that a player will be able to earn in various ways with a pvp aspect. The system we are going to use is simmilar to the Aion pvp gear system where you can gain various %s to your defences / attacks.

    New PVP League Systems - This is perhaps somethign we are most excited about. After some talks we decided that there is no goal for a player who simply gets his character awesome gear and logs on once a day for an hour to pvp the same person over and over again with no end point to it. Our idea is to start pvp leagues very simmilar to how football leagues work. The categorys we have currently are 1v1, 6v6, and Guild v Guild. Players will have the chance to compete in aranged and scheduled pvp matches over a length of time till the PVP season is over. To make this even more exciting we have developed a brand new launcher which has the abbilities to watch live stream content from it. This means those crucial matches you wont miss and you will be able to watch all the major events from it! Pretty neat huh?!

[*]Can you use any other client or old clients?

  • No Sorry, you have to 100% download our new client!

[*]What about our old accounts?

  • Your old accounts on any of our network servers have been wiped, you have to start a new account, this is a PvP server, so that is okay! But if you donated before, it will be easier to get back to your donation gear!

[*]Is donation gear the best? is this a 100% donator only server?

  • No! There is a "PvP Gear / Arena Gear" that you can only get from winning tournments or arenas, and that is going to be the best gear!

[*]Where can i find the custom npcs and shops?

  • Jangan, they will be a big dragon bird npc!!

[*]Are there any GM/GA/VIP/Sponsor Titles/Spaces?

  • Yes, we are always looking for people to join our team! look on our forums for more information!

[*]How can i donate on this server?

  • Go on the website > Login > Donate > instantly get your silk!

[*]Any other problems/questions/help, where do i ask?


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Samstag, 17. März 2012, 12:44

added screens :)

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