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Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2016, 14:28

Eryx | 80 Cap | Ch | Job based | New tweaks | Account access control | Free S/H

Trailer made by: wiNt.

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Game-play, Cheating Control & HWID:

Exchange is disabled during CTF, BA & FW.
Resurrection is disabled during CTF & BA.
Reverse scrolls use is disabled during job mode.
Stall 20 seconds delay.
Restart button is disabled.
Fellow pet glitches are fixed.
Animation cancelling bug is fixed.

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Important Notes & How to get rid of Job/Guild penalties:

It is highly recommended to re-log once after a player reaches level 80.

If you want to get rid of the job penalty (Note: after leaving your current job, you receive 1 day penalty before joining another one), please leave the guild or the job and teleport more than 1 time or re-log, Especially when you leave job,
when you join back an other Job you will need to create an alias, create random one & press confirm & it will say name already exist,
teleport one time and put on your job suit & it will work.

When you finish your job activity you should re-log in order to get your coins or real gold.

Pick pets aren't trade-able to prevent any in-game bug.

Our sox items:


Seal of Star is +1 stronger than the normal 8D, and they are droppable from all mobs which are over level 76.
You've got higher chances to drop SoS at the Job Temple.


Seal of Moon is our main weapon/equipment/accessory to earn. It is +2.5 stronger than the normal 8D.

These moon items are not tradable they are character bound (Legs - Chest - Head - Weapons - Necklace - Earings).

These are the tradable moon items (Rings - Foot - Shoulders - Hands).

Regarding coins:

Copper coins: you can buy them from Seal of Eryx shop (Hotan). Every copper coin costs 250 million gold (Attention: copper coins are sold to npc for 1 gold and they are non tradable coins).

Silver coins: you can get them from CTF (Per each kill), Battle arena, minions or STR/INT uniques. As drops, they are non trade-able coins.

Gold coins: they are obtained from jobbing. After you sell goods as a trader/thief/hunter, restart your client and you will find them in the storage. You must be lvl 80 to get gold coins.
Gold coin limit is restarted on Monday 00:00, they are non tradable coins. (remember: our gold coin limit per week is 80 coins)


Blood of Eryx is +2.5 better than normal. These weapons are tradable and can be obtained from uniques:

-Eryx (highest rate of dropping them, it appears across the entire map every 6 hours);
-Job temple uniques;
-Abyss Wizard (Appears in Abyss prison aka jangan cave).

Special Trade Route:

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STR pattern

Start 1

Start 2

Start 3

Start 4

End 1

End 2

End 3

After i reach the gold coin limit? :

We have noticed that after people hit the gold coin limit the job activity get low, so we decided that people who did hit their GC limit they will receive a lot of random rewards (immos - astrals- silks - special avatars - globals etc.) it will depend on luck, you will be receiving every time something different with different quantities, so after a player completes his job activity he will need to re-log in order to find his reward in his storage.

Interactive events:

Interactive events hosted by our team, one of the things that people have missed on our Previous Eryx. Yes automatic events are great, but they can’t handle events like individual & cooperative fight events to determine the best str, int, fighting duo & strongest player on Eryx, winners of these events will be rewarded by titles and other rewards, these events will be held once a week.


Roc is one of the strongest uniques featured in our server in order to add more fun to the game-play. Of course, after it was edited to fit our 8D
Basically Roc drops coins and blood moon weapons besides many other drops.

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INT/STR Uniques:


Spoiler Spoiler

Devil Spirit

Eryx Hall and Abyss Prison:

Spoiler Spoiler

Eryx Hall

Wanted System:

One of the features which adds more fun to the job, so for every 10 kills u get granted a buff, we applied a maximum on kills which is 50.

Shops Added:

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We added this feature for people who love other degrees look. It is important to say that it's only a switch of the look - stats stays the same. Our swicthers are for 8D items and you can switch their look until 14D. (again, stats & the plus never change just the look)

Master skills:

The Master Skills are available for every mastery and are worth 100m Skill Points. They were designed to be farmed in the Abyss Prison because every monster there gives huge amount of sp. They can be used once every 12 hours. Also, these skills have high power and new visuals that will leave you impressed by the effects and the damage.


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Website Features

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Website features

Fellow Pets:

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Fellow Pets

Launcher, Login and Website:

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