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Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2016, 11:36

DuckRoad | DEGREE 11 | CAP 110 | HIGH RATE | CH/EU/Free Silk

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Grand opening: 23th December 2016 - 19:00 CEST

Welcome to DuckRoad. We are proud to present you our 110 Cap Server. After months of developing
and researching we are happy to introduce you our Server. We are a Professional Team with working
experience since 2011. Customer satisfaction is number one priority for us that's why we got a lot
of supporters in the team to help new players. A lot of people most likely already played Duckroad
and knows everything about but this time this version of Duckroad is a bit different and should be
more enjoyable for players. Why 110 CAP? Personally, 110 cap is the best as there is a lot of stuff
to do not like low caps all you do is bot and job while at cap 110 you can do forgotten world job
temple and much more!

Our Servers are known for their stability, its team and a lot of fun. Do you remember the old times
on the Official Servers? Every day Jobbing, the PvP, the massive Guild Fights, the awesome Fortress
War and so on. If you want to get these memories back, join our Server. What are you waiting for? At
least give it a try. If you want more information, please have a look at our Thread below and watch
our trailer. We hope we'll see you in game and have a great time together.

Finally, we both are able to enjoy Silkroad as it's meant to be, without a mass of useless over edited
features, but features which make Silkroad the most enjoyable as possible. Of course it's not possible
to attract or satisfy everyone in the Silkroad Community but we try to offer a good opportunity for the
most of us. A lot of people will dislike the server as it doesn't have the "New" features but hey this is
Silkroad how it supposed to be servers nowadays just open with features from other games and most of the time
they don't work properly the sad thing is that there are so many new features that it's like a different kind of
MMO and not Silkroad and in Duckroad we try to be simple and keep the Silkroad as it is that's why you won't see
a lot of new features on the server.

You can buy SOS +5 Items untill DG9 ( for 1 Gold ) in the NPCs. As the lvling is fast we didn't want to make auto equipment as it would be literally almost useless and a lot of work, when you can just buy everything from npc.

You'll also receive the following items:
• 200k SP
• 11x Reverse Return Scrolls
• 11x Instant Return Scrolls
• 500x HP/MP Herbs
• 3 Day Grab Pet
• Basic Item Set
• 3x Speed Scrolls (24h)

We have our own DuckRoad Speciality System this system is loved by all the Duckroad players and to be honest that's why we have a lot of players and we survived for so long:
The system is very simple. The Alchemy Rate is 1x like Isro but if you reach +5 you can do up to + 7 with a 100% chance. The same after you reach +8 you can reach +11 with a 100% chance.

After a lot of players have complained about not having max plus we decided to make some kind of max plus but Duckroad style. The max plus will be increasing every month by 1 + at the start we are having a max plus as +14 it should be easily achievable as you can get easily +13 with the alchemy system that Duckroad has to offer.

The first 10 days after the Opening, the reward is 2 Silk/H. We did this to encourage more players to join the server and reward the players that are with us since day one.
After the 10 days period it will be reduced to 1 Silk/H.
Every Sunday you will get 2 Silks/H as reward. You'll receive the Silk if you are over Lv. 105 and not AFK. You can't just leave the account inactive for example stalling in town or just standing for hours this was made to prevent people farmin silk.

Egyptian Equipment can be obtained through Gold and Silver coins. You get them from the HWT or Job Temple. In the Temple there are STR and INT Uniques.
Every month another item part will be released which you can exchange for your coins. We did this because we do not want everyone to get everything fast and in couple months we want players to enjoy the gameplay as much as they can

Do you know our new Event Butler?

His Name is Jeff and he'll do Events everyday so you can win some nice prizes.

We developed a rare, special and simple Balance Buff for all the Chinese Characters which is totally balanced against European Characters.

Spoiler Spoiler

Are you strong enough to catch the 3 Big Uniques "Morphosys","Excorcist" and "Clyde"?

Do you want to try it?
Search in Roc Mountain, Salt Desert, Chaos Maze and in the Earth Room for them.
They will drop Silk Items and some other Items.

Magic Pop Cards cannot be bought through the Item Mall!

You can only get them from Monster drops.

With the Magic Pop Cards you can win Items like: Sun D8-9, Globals, Zerk Potions, Reverses, Premium Gold Time, Pick Pets, Dresses and so on.

We invented some helpful Scrolls. With these scrolls you can Reset Skill,Stats, PK Status, Job- and Guild Penalty.

We have a very professional team which is always open to new ideas and improvements. There will be regular updates and extensions. We still want to keep in the back of the head though, that this is not a new game and we do not want to change it too much to keep the silkroad nostalgia as much as possible.

If you find any bugs, we are attentively to fix this quickly. There will be a small Silk reward for a report.

Thank you for your time and we hopefully we'll see eachother ingame!
~ DuckRoad Team

This thread is still in development, we will add more images and so on soon. Thank you :)