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Freitag, 17. Februar 2017, 23:33

SilkroadR - Future of Silkroad is in your hands | Cooming soon | 120Cap | SROR-Files

SilkroadR an original server with features that are here to only help you on your journey!
Oldschool SilkroadR server here to provide you the gameplay and content you deserve on a SilkroadR server.
A compact, helpful team that knows what their doing, here to provide you the server if you're a fan of the SilkroadR features.
We'd be happy to see everyone join us and give us a chance, you won't regret the nostalgic feeling while playing it!

Features | Units
Cap | 120
Degree | 12
Exp | 80x
Party Exp | 100x
Unique Exp | 10x
Drop Rate | 75x
Gold Rate | 75x
Giant Spawn Rate | Increased
Coins Rate | Increased
Quest Lv. 1-120 | Available
Fellow Pets | Available
Silk/H | Available
Fellow Skill & Items | Dropable from Jupiter Uniques
Socket Stones | Dropable from Jupiter Uniques
Magic & Egypt Items | Dropable from Jupiter Uniques
Potions Stack | 500 Units
Elixirs Stack | 100 Units
Stones Stack | 20 Units

Degree 1 to 8 Items can be bought for Monk/Soldier and General's Token.
You can also buy several other stuff with the tokens such as Lucky powders,
Return Scrolls, Invisibility Detection Potions, Artisans Magic Stones, Job Suits, Dimension Holes & a Wolf Pet.

Spoiler Spoiler

SilkroadR will provide you alot of useful items for the start of your journey! You'll be receiving items such as:

• A Full SOS set including weapons,set & accessories.
• 1000x HP MP Pots
• 10x Reverses | 10x Resurrection Scrolls | 10x Instant Return Scrolls
• 5x Global Chatting & 7Days Exp & Skill Exp Scrolls
• 20x Speed Scrolls
• 10x HP MP Increase Scrolls
• 28Days Grab Pet & Devil Spirit B Grade
• 50k Skill Points

Spoiler Spoiler

There's not much to say here. The alchemy on the server is the same
like on all iSRO servers. Includes for 11Dg to 12Dg & 12Dg+.

Spoiler Spoiler

• Socket System Recipe can be found on all Grocery NPC's.
They are here to help you provide and create a Socket Stones!

Spoiler Spoiler

• Arabian Dress & Inventory Expansions are limited on time.
Better get them fast!

Spoiler Spoiler

• The job system is the latest system from iSRO. The challenge between hunters and thiefs has never been higher!

Spoiler Spoiler

• Capture the Flag (CTF) has a increased experience rates on the mobs.
Don't miss the registration, they are worth the exp!

Spoiler Spoiler

• Fight for glory and wealth! Battle Arena is functionally available,
don't miss out!

Spoiler Spoiler

The war between guilds are available for Jangan | Bandit & Hotan.

Registration to participate in the FW are on Friday & Saturday (all day)

The Fortress War itself occurs on Sunday at 14:30-16:00 UTC+1.

We can't wait for you to join us, feel free to ask us any questions,
the majority of the server features are based on SilkroadR features with a small amount of changes to improve the gameplay.

Thanks for checking us out and we hope we can give you a nostalgic gameplay!

Sincerely, the SilkroadR team