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Dienstag, 3. Oktober 2017, 21:02

GoodTimes v3 | 90 Cap Chinese | Job Based

Welcome old and new players !

We have decided to re-open our server after 3 years without a break, and 5 years in total. It seemed to have a need for some upgrades which would make people more actively playing there, therefore we came up with new ideas which would bring the game play more enjoyable.

[+] Only Chinese race available
[+] Level cap : 90
[+] Exp/Sp rate : 15x
[+] Drop rate : 10x
[+] Gold rate : 5x
[+] SoX rate : 2x
[+] Trade price increase : 20x
[+] HWID Limit: 3
[+] 1 Silk / Hour at Level 90
[+] FortressWar : Hotan on Sunday 18:00 Server Time

End Game Items

Spoiler Spoiler

We realized that it doesn't make any sense of keeping the old system which would allow you to get sun items by dropping them from normal mobs.

Seal Of Moon stuffs will drop only in Job Temple which is going to be limited on Job level 3. Even though we added Seal Of Moon accessories in Job Uniques. First 4 Uniques (Neith, Anubis, Isis and Selket) are going to give you Earrings and Rings, and Haroeris and Seth will give you Necklace in increased drop rate. It wont be easy as it sounds, you will have to go through a quests which will be based on a teamwork.

We are resetting the server and changing it to a better shape, being able to drop SoS items from normal mobs and SoM item from Job Temple mobs. Normal items will stand a huge stand too. Drop rate has been decreased so there won't be full-moon people in a matter of a month. We have implemented alchemy limit at +12, which will disable the possibility of making full +15+16 which might demoralize new people.

Skill Edits

Spoiler Spoiler

You got sick of regularly the same dominant builds like "Force Glaiver"? Hell yeah , we nerfed force and for the time being we will make the builds more balanced so every single build will get a chance to win. (Let us know the changes you wanna see in all masteries because your opinion matters).

Honor Ranking

Spoiler Spoiler

Sick of the honor rank without a reset for years? We change it, Job-based honor ranking system which will be reset every month!

You will gain honor points after doing job activities as Trader/Hunter/Thief, which will bring you honor buffs !

Automatic Events

Spoiler Spoiler

We are using our own event bot in-game, which will make you several kind of events every hour, for example : Lucky Party, Hide and Seek for silk rewards !
Honor rank won't be the only thing that would attract you there. We will make many Rankings which will be based on weekly activity : Alchemist, Top Jobbers, Unique Slayer, PVP King, and they will get rewarded with fascinating titles.

Of course titles will be reachable not only by being active, but also donators will have the way to buy Nationality titles for silks.
We wanna know which country is more addicted.
(Will be updated first week.)

Misc Edits

Spoiler Spoiler

Bowers do not require bunch of arrows anymore, the arrow is infinite

Stall Limit has been increased to 500billion golds

Arena Coin shop with Advanced Job Items and Silk items

Active staff will be always there for you as Support, Event Manager and through them you will get help in deals, events, transactions.

Automatic registration is turned on, so once you start the game, enter your ID and PW, if you don't have account yet, it will be created !

Shortly said:
-Decreased the SOX drop rate
-Removed Seal Of Sun
-Implemented HWID limit to 3
-Implemented Alchemy limit to +12
-Nerfed force (30sec CD, 60% probability)
-Removed advanced elixirs
-Decreased job exp
-Added honor points for jobbing
-Added quests for sanctum of : Immortality,Dark,Punishment and Atonement
-Increased stacks of lucky powders and purification pills to 100
-Enabled strict alchemy for Seal Of Moon (No possibility to try above +5 if the item doesn't contain steady/immortal blues)
-Magic Pop Seal Of Moon rate decreased
-Removed Angel spirit from Item Mall
-Edited Job Temple uniques, their spawn and drops. (Job temple uniques will drop Seal Of Moon acc's)
-Fixed "Capture The Flag" bugs
-Changed rewards for "Capture The Flag" and "Battle Arena"
-Limited the possible characters per device in "Job Mode" to 1