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Donnerstag, 9. November 2017, 22:34

++ Dimension Online | Cap 80 | Low Rate | Old-School | China only | 240 Masterys ++

Welcome to our Topic here on Silkroad Dimension Online is our ♥-Project, we really appreciate every comment and criticsm. If you got any further questions we are here to awnser them.[/INDENT][/INDENT][/INDENT]

Grand Opening: 11/11/2017 08:00PM GMT+1

Bored of Servers that will close after 4 weeks? Bored of starting all over again on different Servers? Dimension Online is a place to stay - Long-term and Old-School. We decided to open a Server which is very low rated and where you will be happy if you got a Seal of Star Drop, just like in the old times. Remember when you dropped a Elixir or any High Tier Item? You sold it via Stall Network and then you felt like the King of Silkroad, when you had millions of Gold. We want you to get this feeling back. The feeling of Farming / Real PvP / Real Jobbing - no Special Job Routes which are going thought Bugged areas - no special trade systems - no special coin system to abuse. Just the pure Silkroad. Guild War, Jobbing, Fortress War, PvP, Alchemy, Farming and pure happynes when hunting Uniques and everyone writes you Congratulations for a simple unique kill. This is the Old Silkroad and the best time - the best community. This is YOU on Dimension Online! But ernough of words, here are some facts about Dimesnion Online.

Information | Type
Solo Experience/Skill Point Rates|5x
Party Experience/Skill Point Rates|5.5x
Drop Rate|3x
Alchemy Rate|1x
Trade Goods Rate|1x
Gold Drop Rate|1x
Fortress War|Jangan
Guild Limit|32
Union Limit|2
Auto Equipment|Disabled
Auto Events|Trivia
Manual Events|A lot
Oldschool Capes|Available
Forgotten World|Disabled

Server & Security
We are running the best Servers out there to provide you a stable and lagfree gameplay. We can easily run up to 5000 players without any single lag. We use different Servers for different tasks. Website, Database, Game and Billing Server are completley seperated and for the best performance they are all connected together in a own locale Network. We also run a exploit filter and are able to add our own custom exploit fixes.

Our rates are moderate so you can get the old school feeling of farming and powerleveling back. We want you to be happy if you finally found an awesome sox drop, which will be worth very much - just like in the old times. We want you to stall Elixirs, to stall Exuipment and weapons - make a buisness out of it. Are you ready for it? Don't hesitate, join Dimension on 11/11/2017 and follow a huge community!

Basic rates: Experience 5x - Drop 3x - Gold 1x - Alchemy 1x

Our website is completley own coded and we will add many features to it. For the best security we will add a two factor authentication. You do not need to input your Silkroad ID when you login to our website. We will also build our own ranking and log system. So you can see from where you logged into your account. And check the account login status.

Free Silk
The old system with silk / h is very obsolescent, so we thought about a new innovative way for you to get free silks.

You will be able to mine for your silk on or website. Means you can run our website on any PC / Server and it will generate hashes. If you reached acertain amount of hases you will automatically get free Silk. You can run this on multiple PCs, all you need is CPU power. This system is very fair and it is not abusable like the Silk / h system.

The Second way will be in-game. You can hunt uniques and get silk item drops. Every unique will drop high valued silk items.

The Third way will also be in-game. You can participate a lot of events for example our Trivia Event which will be done every 30 minutes.

We are an experienced Team who got Silkroad Server experience since 2010. Our team will be always there for you and we will always try to help and statisfy you. You can also be a part of our team. You can always send us an application for our team. We steadily expand our team and we are happy about every application. Our Team Manager will contact you after your Application.

Alchemy & Alchemy Stones
The alchemy will be very hard, like in the good old times. Low rate means +7 is good and +10 will be awesome and very hard to reach. We also enabled tablet drop, so you need to make stones by yourself. Stone drop is completley disabled. You need to destroy items or alchemy materials to get elements and to make stones out of tablets and elements.

Start Items
For a good start on our server we added some starter Items in your inventory. These Items will help you for the first days on our Server. The Pickpet will help you to pick up items and save you some time.

There will be every normal unique like in the old time. Additionally the Uniques will drop nice Silk Items. On our website there will be also a Unique ranking system.

Donwhang Cave
We considered to implet a little challenge in the Donwhang Cave.
Two times a day an INT and an STR Unique will appear. You need to fint and kill it. There will be amazing rewards.

The Dimension Team will entertain you with amazing events. Moreover we will have some other bigger events in scheduling, like big PvP Tournaments, Video-Contests, Screenshot, Facebook events and much more.
Our Event Bot "Sawell" will also do a few half-hourly Trivia events.

The thread is still in work and will be changed from time to time. If you got any questions we will awnser them asap. Thank you!