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Sonntag, 21. Januar 2018, 03:37

Horizon-Online |Cap 110|11D|Balanced| 21/01/18 |CH-EU|Silk4Gold|LongTerm|Quest-Based


Grand Opening:
1 PM(UTC+1)




♦ Cap : 110
♦ Mastery : 440|220
♦ Exp Rate : 40x
♦ Sp Rate : 40x
♦ Gold Rate : 5x
♦ Item Drop Rate : 5x
♦ Alchemy Rate : 1x
♦ Max Plus : 15
♦ Fortress War : Jangan
♦ IP Limit : 3
♦ Magic Pop : Closed
♦ Battle Arena : Closed
♦ Forgotten World : Open
♦ Capture The Flag : Open
♦ Vsro Files
♦ Guild Limit : 32
♦ Union limit : 3

• Auto Equipment
•We have a perfectly functioning system, you will get the Equipment for
your Level +4 Full Blue. Until 9 degree NOT SOX

• Currency
•Gold:We have the normal currency Gold, so that the currency has a
value, we make the Gold Drop Rate low and it's able to buy Silks with Gold.
•Coins: Like usual in 11 degree we have Gold and Silver Coins from
Job Cave Uniques, you need them to buy your Egy A/B Protector.

• Staring Items
• We won't give you to much in the beginning,
so every new Character gets Speed Potions,
1k HP/MP Potion Medium, 15 Reverse Return, 20 Return Scrolls,
28 Days Grab Pet and a special Hat.

• Official Events
• Like in old times, we will add Server Events on special occasions,
like Christmas or Halloween.
For example the Love Event or the Snow Flake Event.

• Quest Based
• Quests are a basic thing of Silkroad, but no one do them,
so we added some new Quests and maked the old Quest more important.

•Old Quests

•Zerk Quest:
You have to do the Zerk Quests to get your Blue Zerk.
You are able to get new Zerk Titles, but first you have to do the Quests.
• Inventory Quest:
To get your 2nd Inventory Page, you have to do the Quest,
we won't make it so easy and
add it to your char from the begining.

• New Quests
• We added some new Quests, to get into the Forgotten World,
to get the Egy A Accessory and much more.

• Questions?
• You can find more Information In Game if you press "H"

• NPC : Pets

Spoiler Spoiler

• NPC : Special Items

Spoiler Spoiler

• NPC : Char Effect

Spoiler Spoiler

• Medusa
• Everyweek at Sunday at 8 PM
• Drops Immortal Stones and other Silk items

• Everyweek at Saturday at 10 PM
• Drops special items and Silk items

• Job Cave

Spoiler Spoiler

•Anubis and Isis
• Everyday at 2 PM and 7 PM
• Drops Silver and Gold Coins

• Neith and Selket
• Everyday at 4 PM and 10 PM
• Drops Silver and Gold Coins

• Haroeris and Seth
• Everyday at 12 AM and at 12 PM
• Drops Silver and Gold Coins

Spoiler Spoiler

Spawning Time
• The gate of Roc will open once per week
at Saturday 10 PM(UTC +1)

• How to Enter
• To use the Teleport into Roc Area,
you need the item Key of Bloodline
You can buy it from the Grocery in Alexandria North

• The Teleport
• You can only use this teleport, if the Rate of Roc isopen.

• Job System
• Horizon-Online is also Job-Based
We decided to do not job systems with coins.
We have the old Job System with Trader, Hunter and Thief.
But the most efficient way
to get Gold in Horizon Online is Trading or Thiefing,
so you have to do your Job to get much Gold.

• Capture the Flag
• To make it more interesting,
we diceded to make CTF only 2x per Day and
we changed the reward of CTF to [b]Silk
1 Kill = 1 Silk

•Battle Arena
• Battle Arena is closed, but we will add it when enough Players are there.

• Updates
• We are constantly working on new Updates. We will add new Features to make our Server more interesting for our Players.

• Scheduled Updates
• We will add a possibility that allows players to Back Up their gear. More Informations soon.
• We want to make the game as free as possible for us, so we will add more Quests for Silk Items
• Job Updates, to make Job System interesting for our Players, we will include more features from time to time.

Winter Event(21.01.2018 - 04.02.2018)

Spoiler Spoiler

•Task 1:
• Collect Snowflakes and receive gifts!
Catch the Snowman Monster and collect Snowflakes.
If you collect 10 Snowflakes and give them to the NPC So-Ok,
you will receive random rewards.

•Task 2:
•Collect Snowflakes together and receive EXP/Skill EXP Increasing Buffs!
Everybody should work together to defeat
the Snowman Monster and collect certain number of Snowflakes
as set by the server. If players reached the goal and collected
the required amount of snowflakes, all players on the server receive an additional 60%
EXP/Skill EXP for 1 hour.

•Task 3:
•Catch the Snowman Monster and receive EXP/skill EXP Increase Buffs!
Users who reach the Snowman Monster wipe out and receive an additional
100% EXP/Skill EXP for 3 hours.e.g. If the monster wipe out goal is 100,
buffs are sent to the user who is the 100th player to wipe out the monster.

•Task 4:
•Catch the unique monsters, the White Knights.
Wipe out the White Knights and receive special drop items.
1 piece Lamp Cleaning cloth will be dropped by the monster.
White Knights respawn randomly.
A notice will be given allover the server when they are spawned.

•Task 5:
•Catch the unique monsters, the Winter Princess.
When the White Knights wipe out mission is completed 5 times,
the Knights and Winter Princess are summoned simultaneously.
Wipe out the Knights and Winter Princess,
and receive even more special drop items!