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Montag, 13. August 2007, 21:57

TS Online & Wild West Online

Wild West Online


Tenderfoot Games™ announces that it will publish Wild West Online™, the first massively multiplayer game set in the rough and tumble American Wild West.

Wild West Online™ will capture the authentic feel of the Wild West with numerous scenarios based on history and fiction. Players will experience intense situations reminiscent of famous stories including corral shootouts, bank and stage robberies, bounty hunting quests and easily recognizable set scenarios inspired by sources like “The Magnificent Seven”, “High Noon” and “Tombstone.”

Players will be able to have showdowns — tension filled mano-a-mano contests between gunfighters that will have a higher level of adrenaline than an open gunfight. They will also be able to join gangs, form posses, hunt, explore and play in highly crafted environments that will provide an authentic open range feel. Wild West Online™ will also support a robust and exciting economy with players having the option to purchase objects, skills, and abilities otherwise only accessible through game play.

Wild West Online™ will be faithful to the Western mystique we all grew up with as kids,” said Mike Reynolds, game designer at Tenderfoot Games. “The American frontier culture is an important part of our history, so we are working hard to re-create that atmosphere and to honor the mythology from which so many modern fiction settings drew inspiration.”

TS Online


F2P Announcement
Dear Players,

Thank you for playing TS Online Philippines. As a show of our appreciation we are upgrading this game into Free Model (F2P) to give our players a truly wonderful TS Online experience 24 hours a day. Surely we will make you feel at home while exploring the new TS Online installed in your computers to answer to your gaming needs.

We are blessed to have you in our server/s and we will do all our best to make you feel the real thrill of TS Online. Have a nice game and enjoy exploring TS Online Philippines Free Model edition.

MBSoft Administration

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