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Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2017, 15:41

Oracle Silkroad Online | Cap 110 | Real-Silkroad-Upgrade-System | Play2Win | AutoEvent | LongTerm


We would like to present our New Server

Oracle - Online : The wait is over! The long awaited return of your favourite old school Private SRO Server is back!
We welcome you with pleasure to our castle of fun and our community of glamour !
Oracle - Online the place where you are going to have fun , make new friends and spend a wonderful time.
Our professional team will alwaythere to help whenever you ask for anything.
Let us begin our journey and answer all the questions buzzing in your head right now.


»TOP 50 players.
first 50 players which reached lvl 110 will get 1000 Silk + Special Attack Pet as reward .

General Information

Additional Informations


Cap110RacesCHN & EUEXPx10PT EXPx15JobCostumSPx10Guild Limit32Union Limit3Goldx10Dropx5PC Limit3

Basic Informations

Feature|AvailabilityVote4SilksNova DropEgy SetUpgrade SystemSilk Per HourJangan Fortress
Karakoram Fortress

Hotan Fortress

Constantinople FortressDisabledForgotten WorldFlame MountainAlchemy maxADV Elixirs +2Grab Pet Slots4 PagesFortress War CaveAttack Pets (Buffs/Skills)Battle ArenaJob TempleSwear Filter RemovedAnti Skill BugAnti Bug StallAnti Bug CheatDisabled Pets in FortresswarAnti Drop in TownAnti Job Trace


Auto Equipment.
On our auto equipment system you will receive normal items with +5 and less then 41% stats & full blue applied on each item. Just to make your life a bit easier on the start.

NOTE: The Auto Equipment still worken when you'r reached each other 1 Dgr Till 10 Dgr

Example: When you skipped the Next Degree - The Auto Equipment doesnt work anymore for you for the Next Degree!

Auto Equipment works until level 92 (DG 10).

Spoiler Spoiler

Starter Pack

Last Tier Set

How i collect Egy A or B Equip?-

Each part for Egy A Set cost : 40 Silver Coin & 60 Gold Coin
Collect the Cards for the Flame Mountain Quest and get Upgrade Stone to Egy B Set

How do i can collect the Egy A or B Accessory?-

Each part for Egy A & B Accessory cost : 120 - 140 Job Coin

How do i collect the Egy A Weapon?

There is just one Way to get the last tier Weapon

Collect all Cards in Forgotten World - Complete the Quest - Get the Reward
Collect the Cards for the Flame Mountain Quest and get Upgrade Stone to Egy B Weapon
Or get from Item Mall (F10) the Upgrade Stone for Silks

Upgrade Stone


These are basically the ways you can get coins here:
" SILVER COIN " Can be taken from JOB TEMPLE.

" JOB COIN " Can be taken from Trading (Job)
" GOLD COIN " Can be taken from JOB TEMPLE.
" ARENA COIN " Can be taken from CTF-BA.
" COPPER COIN " Can be taken killing by Uniques

How to get Job Coins


Special Item Store


Academy Buff

NOTE: This Job Academy system still work Lv ~60 Above

NOTE: Honor Buffs will be reseted every day 23:59 autom.

| Bird|

Many private servers leave the pet as unused or mostly usless
We're very excited to bring the pets to the fore for Oracle Sro
so we are added to each new grap Pet-, new Attack Skills , Buffs and Debuffs.
They're using them automatically during fight.

Special Pet Debuff


Spoiler Spoiler

There are 2 Kinds of Offline Events
- First one of them: Share Event
We have sponsered this event before on facebook, our facebook followers might know that and here is the links:¬if_t=share_comment¬if_id=1485187858475383

- Second one is Video Event
If you would like to take part in this event, you'll have to create a video for Eagle Online. The player who makes the best video will get 2k silks. The other players who wont have enough luck to win this event will also get 50 silks.