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11.10.2012, 00:29

Skyroad Release: Cap 90

Skyroad Online | 90 Cap | Skills D9 | grind-PvP-War-Uniques Server |

Welcome on Skyroad online, a 90cap server mainly based on grind, PVP, Fortress, and Fun.

First 5 players Lv90 will get 250 Pens for free!

Website: Skyroad Online
Facebook: Skyroad Online Facebook

Edit: New Download Links - Or Check our site.
Full Package: Direct Link | Deposit Files

No Lag and 24/7 Online Support

Server Information EXP etc:

Lv Cap: 90
Item Cap: 9D
Mastery: 300
Race: CH/EU
Gameplay: Grinding
EXP Rate: 10x
Party EXP Rate: 11x
Job EXP Rate: 1x
Drop Rate: 10x
Gold Rate: 20x
Job Gold Rate: 40x
Alchemy Rate: 1x

- Fellow Pets
- Full Dresses
- New Vehicles
- Globals dropped on monsters
- Some surprises in game

More Pictures and informations are coming in the evening. Enjoy

Fortress War - Weekly every friday at 8pm gmt+1

Job/Guild Penalities are removed.
Items from mall are droppable and tradeable

Edited Music.pk2 ( epic music ), Edited Media.pk2 ( new interface, loading pictures, etc )

Some pix:

Server/Game admins:

[GM]Datatype - Founder / Owner / Administrator / Developer
[GM]Sva - Interface and Graphics Editor / Webdesigner / IG Fun - Events
[GM]KingKong - Developper / IG Fun - Events
[GM]Caspa - Developper / IG Fun - Events

Have Fun and Enjoy, on Skyroad online and try to invite ur Friends there more things coming.
Racism will not be tolerated.

PS: If you have updates problems, simply REMOVE from your Skyroad Folder, the TEMPPATH Folder - Launch the game again - done


11.10.2012, 17:44

First 5 players Lv90 will get 250 Pens for free!

Erste 5 Spieler LV90 wird 250 Kugelschreiber for free!

Now I'm motivated!!

Go in peace
And find thy faith
Evolve thy self
And lose all hate
So a heaven you may create