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03.06.2016, 12:42

Old Silkroad Online Reborn Cap 80 Only Chinese Ingame VoIP system

Firstly, let us explain you what is OldSRO.

Old Silkroad Online

Old Silkroad Online: Community

Facebook Page:
Old Silkroad Online

]Youtube Channel:
Old Silkroad Online

Instagram Page:
Old Silkroad Online

Open Beta:

Grand Opening:

Basic specifications of Server
Name | Aege
Maximum level | 80
Mastery level | 300
Race | Chinese only
Experience & Skill experience ratio | 5x ISro
Party experience & Skill experience ratio | 5.5x ISro
Item drop ratio | 10x ISro
Gold drop ratio | 1x ISro
Job ratio | 6x ISro
Seal of Star drop ratio | 1x ISro
Seal of Moon drop ratio | 0.5x ISro
Seal of Sun drop ratio | 0.02x ISro
Maximum plus limit | 9

Detailed specifications of Server

Start itemQuantity | Item name | Can be traded | Additional info
1 | 60% Exp. Helper | No | -
1 | 100% Exp. Helper | No | -
3 | Beginner scroll of experience (150%) | No | -
20 | Instant Return Scroll | No | -
1000 | HP Recovery potion (large) | No | -
1000 | MP Recovery potion (large) | No | -
20 | Beginner scroll of movement | No | Moving speed will be increased by 100% when used.
1 | Rabbit Summon Scroll | No | Lasts 7 days, cannot be extended. See description below.
1 | Beginner Premium GoldTime PLUS | No | Lasts 7 days.

Spoiler Spoiler

We have to add that, you can't extend rabbit's time.
You will see this message when you try to extend its time:

Item stack
Item name | Maximum stack | Default
Intensifing Elixir(any kind) | 1 | 1
Lucky Powder | 50 | 50
Tablet | 20 | 20
Stone | 1 | 1
Arrow | 2500 | 250
NPC potion | 50 | 50
MALL potion | 5000 | 1000
Universal Pill(any kind) | 50 | 50
Purification Pill(any kind) | 50 | 50
Recovery kit(any kind) | 50 | 50
Abnormal state recovery potion(any kind) | 50 | 50
HGP recovery potion | 50 | 50
Global chatting | 50 | 50

Seal of Star, Moon and Sun changes
In our opinion, SoX items are not balanced. So we made small changes to their stats.

Seal of Star
Seal of Star is has less stats compared to last tier item.
In order to make it balanced, we made Seal of Star stats equal to a 72+1 item.

Seal of Moon
In order to make it balanced, we made Seal of Moon stats equal to a 72+2 item.

Seal of Sun
In order to make it balanced, we made Seal of Sun stats equal to a 72+3 item.

Hardware ID limit
Our players will be able to login into 1 character at the same time in a computer.

Removed party monsters
Yes! There is no space for party monsters in a game which doesn't have european race!

Implemented old underbar
Without any bugs! Percent bar is working just fine. :rolleyes:

Implemented old login place
Our goal is make you feel like you're home.

Implemented old world map

Spoiler Spoiler

Implemented old item glows
Just to give you that old feel, we implemented old item glows back.
Old item glows][*]image:, title: +0 - +2
title: +3 - +4
title: +5 - +6
title: +7 - +8
title: +9

Implemented old alchemy

Spoiler Spoiler

We tried to make alchemy look old as good as we can. We hope you will like this feature in OldSRO.

Clone world system
In OldSRO, we made 2 clones of the Taklamakan map to avoid slot problems while hunting. The only difference between Real world and Clone world is Lord Yarkan doesn't spawn in these Clone worlds. As we mentioned below about Spawn rate, these clones contain 2x monsters compared to ISro, too.

How to go to Clone world?

Spoiler Spoiler

We placed 5 teleport points to OldSRO world.
Here are these teleport points,

By using these teleporters you can switch between Real and Clone worlds.

Spoiler Spoiler