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15.02.2020, 13:12

Aurora Online | 110 CAP | LONGTERM | SILK/H | BALANCED | GO 9.02

Dear community, after a long alpha and even longer beta phase we are proud to present you a new server

Auroar online

It was important to us when designing the server that the focus was on gaming fun and long gaming fun. All items in the game can be reached without paying.

Furthermore, we placed great value on good performance.

The server runs on 3 game servers.
[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]
This enables us to offer a high monster spawn rate and all of this without lag.

[TABLE]Information Status
Cap 110
Skill 110
Degree 11D
Type PvE
Masteries Chinese 440, Europeans 220
Balanced Skill [COLOR="green"]Active[/COLOR]
Exp 15x
Sp 15x
Gold 1x
Party Exp 25x
Item Drop 25x
Sox Drop 10x
Guild Limit 25
Slots 2000
Captcha None
Max plus +12(Adv's +14
Max Adv +2
Fortresses Jangan
Battle arena [COLOR="green"][B]Active 1/h[/COLOR][/B]
Forgotten world [COLOR="Green"][B]Active[/COLOR][/B]
Academy [COLOR="Green"][B]Active[/COLOR][/B]
Magic Pop [COLOR="Green"][B]Active[/COLOR][/B]
Bot [COLOR="BLUE"][B]Active[/COLOR][/B]
IP Limit [COLOR="red"]3[/COLOR]
JOB Limit [COLOR="red"]2[/COLOR]
Fortress Limit [COLOR="Red"]1[/COLOR]
Silk/h (lvl101) 2
Unique Silk Yes

• Max Plus | +12.
it's good to make the last plus in server [+12] no adv , the low plus is good for a cap like this , and it will be fair and the damage will not be overpowered.

• IP Limit | 3
Only 3 accounts can be opened on the same PC.

• Job Limit | 1
"you can only open [1] Char who can wear a job suit , our filter will give you an automatic dc if you try to open multiple accounts"

• Max Stack.
We've increased stacks for most important item's in our server.

• Silk per hour.
You will get Free Silk from Uniques & Trade by gold, Every 1 hour your char will win (2) silk as a reward for being active

Spoiler Spoiler

• Mastery
The Chinese Race Mastery is 440,
The European race will have 220 Mastery levels.
Good luck For Both.

•Starter Item
When you are new in game you will become free items like
Devil Spirit 7 Days or 3 Days Grab Pet see picture

[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]

• Custom NPC's.
We've got a few custom NPC's for you to discover. The first two, are in Hotan, around the Teleport Pillar. The first one contains Coins, wich are buyable for Gold.


Spoiler Spoiler



• EGY A Weapons
You can get the Egy A weapons from FGW

• EGY B Weapons
You can also get Egy B Weapons for killing Serenes but the rate is very low 1%


• AFK Bubbles
If you stay idle in game for a few minutes a bubbles effect will appear on top of your character

• Item Plus Notice
To prevent cheaters, we added the cool plus notice system, it will announce in public notice to all players when someone reach plus (8).

•Custom Unqiues

Spoiler Spoiler



[TABLE][CENTER]Unique Silk Immo/Astra/Global/Reverse Avatar Unique Coins
Tigergirl 5 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
[GM]Tigergirl 10 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
Uruchi 5 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
[GM]Uruchi 10 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
Isyutaru 5 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
[GM]Isyutaru 10 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
Lord Yarkan 5 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
[GM]Lord Yarkan 10 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
Demon Shitan 5 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
[GM]Demon Shitan 10 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
Ceberus 5 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
[GM]Ceberus 10 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
Captian Ivy 5 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
[GM]Captian Ivy 10 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
Medusa 50 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
Roc 250 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
Senior General (Str) 5 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER] [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
Rage Cloud (Int) 5 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER] [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
Battle Golem (Str) 5 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER] [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
Princess (Int) 5 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER] [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
White Knight (Str) 5 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER] [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
Seth 20 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
Sphinx 20 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
Horus 20 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
Neith 20 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]
Isis 20 [CENTER]✓[/CENTER]

[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]

Just try to get your money from Trading, cuz you dont will get much gold from items. You can get Gold Coins from NPC in Jangan 1 Coin = 500m

[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]



You can get coins from killing mobs in Job Temple!