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09.06.2022, 20:48

Elefor 2.0 P-Server, 100% Bot NoChance *Cap80* Soon CAP90 2022 "OldSchool

New Grand Opening 2.0

We are
We are a german Team and our goal is it to bring you back a good
Silkroad feeling. Elefor is a Nonbot, low rate Cap 80 Server, with the
focus on questing, grinding and jobbing.

Short Introduction
Welcome to Elefor Online. This server is the perfect place for the lost
silkroad community of the good old times. Why? Because this server is
100% oldschool Cap 80. No big modifications. No pay 2 win. Give it a try
and let us make the server full, hunt some uniques, do some trades and
make pvp with lv 30

Come in and find out, You are welcome

Download now

Come in and find out
Rules|Introduction|PLAY 2 Win|Rates|the right... Cap90 Soon end 2022

Player Capacity|Job Rank|Job Distribution|Uniques

Beginner support
Sos Weapons d1-d6
EXP/SP Scroll
Pick Pet
Gold Time Ticket
Moving speed scrolls

New Implementations
Job Quests LvL 70+
Forgotten World

Old Features
Item Mall

Rate Details
Exp & SP x2
Questx2 (and some modifications)
Gold x2
Party x2
SoS x10
SoM x2
SoSun x2
Alchemy x1
CTF (yes)
BA (yes)
Fortress War (yes)
Ip Limit 3
Botting Not allowed!!

> Feature 1 <
Job System

We decided to pick the old job system. Additional to gold, you are able
to earn "Job Coins". With this coins you can buy some special items like
SP- scrolls, premium, dresses and so on.. . This way jobbing is helpful
to earn gold, farm SP and get item from the Item Mall without donation.

> Feature 2 <

Skill System
You can use all normal skill + the new Skills from Silkroad R. Chinese
are able to max 4 masteries... so enjoy it that you don´t need to
destroy you brain by desciding 2 or 3 skill threes

Visit our Stream channels.

Create your account!
You are welcome

Your Team
Swiss Mosca /\ Server Admi /\ 04/08/2009
SweetPeach /\ Promotion /\ 01/03/2022

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12.06.2022, 10:23

The new weekend jewel box event has started.
Jewel Box is a item which is dropped from all monsters , arround all over the map.
That item enables you to earn random items, at the NPC Event So-Ok.
Happy hunting

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12.06.2022, 22:46

Fortress War Time
Create your character and prove to me how strong you are

You are always welcome


17.06.2022, 11:48

Do you fancy the good old jewel box event? Then come to us on our server. There are a lot of Monster Scrolls and Pandora Box.

You are welcome, join now

Let's have a big 8-party and we'll hunt down all the scrolls


30.06.2022, 17:37

Surprise Event:
- Tomorrow 30/06/2022 18:30 CET
- Friday 01/07/2022 20:00 CET
- Saturday 02/07/2022 20:00 CET
- Sunday 03/07/2022 10:00 CET
👆 You have to be Online
👉 You have to be Active
🥳 You receive a Reward


01.07.2022, 10:35

New Announcement

The 9D Update is planned for October 2022

- raise level cap from 80 to 90
- add quests from 80 to 90
- add Roc Mountain region with monsters from 71 to 90
- add qin shi tomb with monsters from 71 to 90
- New Unique demon shaitan will be added
- FGW 81-90 will be added
- Collection quest Flame Mountain will be added with SOM 9D reward
- Adding Gender Change Scrolls in Item Mall
- Adding Devil Spirit in Job Mall
- Adding Jangan Fortress

Until mid July is planned to release the following changes

- Add additional reward to the beginner quests (500k gold), for an easy start in the game
- Add 10 k arrow / bolt to the Jobmall
- Add pet clock to the Jobmall
- Change SP reward for 20 k SP Scroll to static 20 k SP
- Adjust drop-rate of faded beads (FGW) * lower, **< higher
- Make Items from Jobmall tradeable


15.07.2022, 13:47

Weekend event 15/07/2022 - 18/07/2022 EXP x2