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09.06.2012, 12:09

_-Source Silkroad -_ New Server

Hello guys
Today im announce a new server
I hope you will enjoy on it

Server Specs :
8 ghzz processor
16 gb ram
100mb/sec internet connection


Level Cap : 110
Skill Cap : 110
Trade Rates: 275x
EXP & SP Rate : 500x
PARTY EXP Rate: 550x
DROP Rate : 400x
GOLD DROP Rate : 75x
(Server based on vSro files)

Team :
Marvin - Web site manager
Mike - Server manager
Climax - Database editor
Joko - Server manager

Media.pk2 Download link ----> Click here <----------
We still uploading the fully client
So when we done we update it with some fixes

Server capacity : 1000 players
And we add more later if needed !

Official Website : FROM HERE

Start Items:

+ 100 Silk

Fortress war --> Working 100%
CTF ---> Working 100%
Honor Ranking ---> Working 100%
Just need somethings to check

Events :
We will have daily events after finish editing major stuff
Some of events we plan to do
* Trade with GM
* Unique event (way to gain silk from it)
And alot more

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