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Dienstag, 7. März 2006, 07:41

Alle Q&A von zusammengefasst!

1/24 Update

Q. What exactly is Nprotect?

A. It is a program that prevents illegal programs and viruses from running at the same time as the program it is protecting.

Q. After the installation of Nprotect, I am getting error messages and cannot enter the game.

A. In the event that Nprotect detects elements of a virus or spyware, Nprotect may prevent the launching of the game. We recommend you run an anti-virus and spyware scan in this case. We also recommend adjusting your firewall security settings.

1/25 Update

Q. What might happen if I use an illegal program?

A. Distribution of illegal programs may result in an account block. Most recent hack programs may actually be committing identity theft through forwarding of personal details stored on your computer. We ask you to please exercise caution in order to avoid becoming a victim.

1/ 26 Update

Q. Will we be able to transfer our characters to the new server, Babel?

A. No, not at this time.

Q. What do I do if I get "error code 360" when my NProtect Gameguard is updating?

A. This is a error that occurs when a problem occurs with the NProtect patch process. Please uninstall the client using the uninstaller function that comes with it. Do not use Windows' "remove programs" function in the Windows control panel. Please download the client from our site again and reinstall.

1/27 Update

Q. Why do online games lag? What exactly causes lag?

A. Lag usually occurs when there is a problem with your connection, PC system,or game option settings that are not appropriate for your PC, or problems arising from your PC hardware specifications. In order to reduce possible lag issues, we have prepared some recommendations for you to try in the quest to reduce lag.

- PC systems management- scan for viruses, do not have other programs running while playing the game.
- Game settings to reduce under the graphics tab: Shade detail, Background and character sight ranges, volume effect (bloom effect)
- Connection, PC specification: get a faster connection that utilizes ADSL, VDSL, T3 lines, a faster computer(faster/more efficient CPU, graphic card, or RAM).

Q. Why were the Tuanhuang Stone Caves removed?

A. The Tuanhuang caves were removed because they were released accidentally ahead of schedule in our most recent update. For this reason, this area was not tested completely. In addition, because the items and skills, relevant to that area, were not updated and included, we decided to remove the area from the servers at this time. Tuanhuang Stone Caves will be included in the next update as will new skills, items, quests, and the level cap will be raised. So we ask for your patience in waiting for this area to come out at the appropriate time.

1/28 update

Q. If my patch download slows or ends abruptly with an error, what do I do?

- When many users are simultaneously downloading the patch file, download speeds may slow. In this case, it would be a far more efficient idea to download the patch at a slightly different time when traffic is not so heavy.

-In the case of an error message, the issue mostly arises from intermediate connection issues or a lack of free space on your PC hard drive. Please check your PC and with your ISP(Internet Service Provider).

1/29 update

Q. Who is this GM_Pizza?

1. I am male
2. I am the GM who will read your criticisms and your compliments.
3. I will do my best beyond just words but with my actions to make your Silkroad Online experience enjoyable.

Q. Why should I know about the Two-way Balancing System in Silkroad and what advice can you give me regarding it?

A. In Silkroad Online, when your skill mastery level and character level are not at the same level you will receive less experience points but receive more skill points instead. To put it simply, because the more skills you learn the stronger your character is, much more time is spent cultivating your character levels than anything else.

2/3 Update

Q. I have seen weapons that glow. What makes them glow?

Bonus enhancements to weapons beginning at +3 cause these weapons to glow. The colors are different at +3/+5/+7/+9.

Q. Who is this GM Crayon?

1. I am very colorful. Made of all those warm and cozy colors. And...mangryangs...
2. Through your journeys through deserts and tundra, know that we are working (somewhere behind that nicely rendered sky) to make your experience an enjoyable one
3. That we play this game everyday too and you can have every confidence that we are aware of your compliments and complaints.

2/7 Update

Q. In the Skill descriptions, you have the damage sections listed in this form ex:100-130 (150%). What do each of the numbers refer to?

A. The percentage (example being 150%) does not indicate extra damage, but is one of the factors considered when calculating damage and is a variable rate that users must pay attention to. Simply put, if the percentage is higher the rate of the skill may be slower but the damage will be higher. Conversely, when the percentage is lower, the rate may be faster but the damage is lower.

2/8 Update

Q. How do I change my password?

A. If you look on the homepage under the login window, you will see a button labeled "Forget your ID or PW?". If you click that button you can change your password.

Q. The difference between the party settings of "each get exp." and "share exp." ?

-"Each get exp" Party: No party region range limit, a max of 4 member, less experience bonus than "Shared exp." party.
-"Share Exp." Party: Party region range limited, a max of 8 members, higher experience bonus than "Each get exp." party.

2/10 Update

Q. What is a "Safe Trade"(One star)

A. The "Safe Trade" label refers to the system where the direct PvP attacks on traders are restricted.This system is for users who desire some element of safety over profit. This system however does not mean that the player is safe at all from PK, NPC thieves, and monster attacks.

Q. What can I do to avoid having my account "stolen" by someone else?

1. Use an antivirus tool, no matter what kind of location you login from, to scan for and remove any trojans, keyloggers.
2. Periodically change your password
3. Never ever supply anyone else with any of your personal information like your password.
4. If you login from a public location please be very careful to not allow others to see any of your login and account information.

2/11 Update

Q. Is it possible to transfer items from one character to another character on the same account?

A. All items in the warehouse can be shared by the characters on the same server of the same account.

GM Pizza says:
I hope you have an enjoyable time not only with Silkroad Online and in all the plans you have for the weekend.

GM Crayon says:
I would also like to wish you all a fun, cool and safe weekend. Don't do anything that a crazed Tiger Lady would do.

2/13 Update

Q: Will party matching work with trade runs? For example with traders who need hunters for protection or Thieves who need other thieves to raid?

A: Yes. Those features are included in the upcoming update.

2/14 Update

Q. Will our characters or character data be wiped/reset/erased?

A. There will not be a wipe/reset/erasure. We, at Silkroad Online, will always work to our utmost to keep our promises to you our users.

2/20 Update

Q. I killed a player and my ID turned red.What happens now? And how do I clear my murder(red character ID) status?

You can lower and clear this murder status by the following two options:
a. killing monsters
b. having your character die

2/22 Update

Q. I am getting a C9 error, what does this mean?

A. This is a log-in issue that arises from log-in congestion. We will further improve our equipment and consistently work to bring you, our users, a smooth gaming experience.

2/23 Update

Q. What is the manual patch for?

A. The manual patch is for those users whose client based automatically patching speeds are slow. Those who already have the most up to date versions of the game (through the client auto patch) have no need to download this manual patch and can simply play the game without it.

2/24 Update

Q. If I want to make a fansite, how do I go about using Silkroad Online related images?

A. Fansites can use screenshots and images from the official Silkroad Online homepage. If it is used for commercial uses however you may receive legal punishment and so we prohibit commerical use of this material.

Q. Why are there server downs?

- Server inspection : Database backup is the main purpose, and is progressed at a set time during the week.
- Extra inspection : An inspection that is not scheduled is progressed because a patch is needed urgently.
- Emergency inspection : Server down is occured due to an unexpected problem. Servers are restarted after inspecting and fixing the problems that caused the server down.

2/28 Update

Q. Why are there so many server inspections these days?

A. The recent server connection issues require some time to fix. In order to fix these issues and provide a safe gaming environment, these inspections are necessary. We sincerely apologize for this. We will try
to quickly resolve these issues to reduce the inconveniece to you, our users.

3/2 Update

Q. How do I redistribute stats and skill points?

- When the character becomes level 20, you can redistribute skill points through the "Cursed Heart Quest" you receive from "Herbalis Bori" located in Donnwhang. However, redistributing skill points through the quest only allows 80% of the skill points to be retrieved, and also costs gold.

- Redistributing stat points is currently not supported by the system.

Q. How often do unique monsters spawn?

A. I cannot give the exact time however, unique monsters will respawn randomly after their first death. There are not too many unique monster appearances in the course of a single day so keep your eyes open.

3/3 Update

Q. How much more powerful is a Seal of Star/Moon/Sun equipment in comparison to normal + bonus equipment?

A. Rare items each have differences in power so it is difficult to give an exact answer however in a normal approximate observation; a basic Seal of Star item will have at least a +7 equivalent value, a basic Seal of
Sun will have at least a +15 value. Seal of Moon items will occupy the middle values between the two.

Q. How do I change my password?

A. You will see a [Forget ID or PW? Please click here!] button on the top right hand side at the main page of Click on the button and follow the instructions to change your password.

The answer to the question you selected when you registered to the site will be asked, so please enter the answer precisely.

3/6 Update

Q. Can I delete my characters without waiting for 7 days?

7 days waiting time is the minimum period for the protection of the character information, and has the following meanings:
- minimizes the chance of the character deletion through ID theft
- prevents your character from getting deleted by mistake

Q. What does the critical rating on weapons signify? How much does it influence your attacks?

Critical ratings represent the probability of a critical hit.
Critical hits double physical damage.
In a combined magical and physical attack, the resulting critical hit will only double the physical damage.

3/8 Update

Q. I am getting nProtect errors with numbers like 114 and 150 listed in them. What are these errors or how can I fix it?

- 150 error

Please try downloading and install GameGuard manually, using the link provided.…l_GameGuard.exe

- 360 error

Right click on hard disk drive - select device - do disk scan, delete GameGuard folder in the game directory, download GameGuard using the manual link, install and try again.…l_GameGuard.exe

- 140 error

There could be a program that might be taking up too much CPU resource. Or, the video driver or sound driver might be out of date. Please scan for any virus and spy-ware, and update all drivers to the most recent versions. The user might be running an anti-virus software that is too heavy for the particular system(Norton 2005, McAfee, VirusBuster, etc.) Please open the settings of the application, and disable any unnecessary features like internet monitoring, outlook monitoring, script monitoring

3/10 Update

Q. Do GM's check the forums?

Not only do GMs check the forums, but they also monitor every servers in the game. The posts in the forums are important, because GMs take into account these posts for patches needed in the game and other possible future services.

Q. How does the murder penalty system work?

- You are forbidden the use of transports and portals.
- You are forbidden the ability to do any of the jobs.
- You HP drops steadily in the cities.
-You are given an experience penalty.
-You recieve an item drop penalty.
- Y ou are forbidden the use of return scrolls.
- There are several other miscellaneous restrictions.

3/14 Update

Q. When I try to pay for charging silk with my Visa credit card, I continue to get error messages with the number 8373 and/or internal error 500. What are these?

A. These are Verified by Visa related errors. Please consult your card's homepage for more detailed information.

Q. My Visa debit card isn't being accepted. It says Visa on it so it should work right?

A. Debit cards will not work because the Verified by Visa system only works with Visa credit cards.

Q. That monkey is really cute! Where can I get it?

A. The Item Mall, which is accessible in-game with the F10 key.

3/17 Update

Q. Do silver, gold time service tickets also affect the amount of skill points you receive?

A. For the time mentioned on the item, the user of the item will receive bonus on both the skill points and experience.

Tip: It is always a good idea to change your password and a secret question on a regular basis. It is not a good idea to use the same ID and password that you use for other sites. These simple steps will let you play games and other internet based activity with more safety.

Q. When the monkey's 4 week rental period is up, do I have to buy another monkey?

A. If you get the Clock of Reincarnation that is sold in the Item Mall, the monkey may be used again for four more weeks.
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Dienstag, 7. März 2006, 10:48

RE: Alle Q&A von zusammengefasst!

hm, alles in Auswärts ... ist das jetzt ein engl. Forum ? :rolleyes:


Dienstag, 7. März 2006, 11:01

das ist von der offiziellen website.. >.> kannstes ja gerne übersetzen..
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Dienstag, 7. März 2006, 12:18

Würde ich glatt machen wenn ich es könnte.


Freitag, 31. März 2006, 13:00

3/30 Update

Q. My Return scroll is not working! What's wrong?

A. You are probably on a quest that requires delivery of an item or retrieval of an item. During these quests, one cannot use return scrolls or teleport portals.

4/3 Update

Q. I've used only one potion from the 1,000 bottle set of HP/MP potions and it disappeared. I've also used only 1 arrow from a quiver of 10,000 arrows and it disappeared. What happened?

A. If an item disappeared after using it only once, you have purchased an item that contained only one potion/arrow left. When trading with users, please double check the quantity of the items that are being traded. 1,000 bottles set of HP and MP potions that are sold at the Item Mall must contain all 1,000 potions, and a quiver of 10,000 arrows must contain all 10,000 arrows.

4/6 Update

Q. What happens to bot users if they are caught using bots again, after their first account block?

A. Not only for bot users, but for all users, as the number of times they are punished for the same reason increase, the duration of the time of account block increase also.

4/7 Update

Q. Why were default graphic options lowered?

A. Because of the continuing concerns that you our users have raised concerning lag, we have worked continually on many fronts to reduce and prevent outbreaks of lag that may inconvenience you during gameplay. Our servers have been continually upgraded, different strategies implemented to reduce load. There is however only so much that can be done on one side. The reduction of graphic options may help in reducing the loads on certain connections between client and server that may not be managing the data at an optimum level. This is only one of the various strategies we are employing in trying to provide as smooth and enjoyable experience as possible. Your feedback on this issue as well as others, especially when it is detailed and constructive, is always valued.

4/10 Update

Q. There is too much lag during game play these days. Is this going to be solved soon?

A. As you all know, we have increased the server inspections to 4 times a week. This increase in server inspections is to find the causes of lag. We are trying our best to find the problems that might be causing lag in the game, and constantly investigating our hardware, program, and network. But we ask for our users' understanding that lag cannot be completely removable, due to the feature of online games. However, we are continually trying our best to reduce lag as much as possible.

4/14 Update

Q. I see bot users in the game after the bot block patch that was applied on 03/28. How can this happen?

A. Bot programs cannot be fully blocked after a single patch. We are continually patching the game to block bot programs that are in use.

Please be aware that not only are bot users punished by the GMs, but use of illegal bot programs can lead to hacking of accounts through keyloggers and could damage the users' PCs as many of them contain harmful viruses.

4/20 Update

Q. What does job level do? Is there any difference between high and low level jobs?

A. At the moment, only difference between high and low level jobs is the reputation. However, there will be new features added to this system. We are trying to please our users' in every way, and we ask for our users' constant attention to Silkroad Online.

4/21 Update

Q. Who is [GM]Gargamel?

A. I am a female who is a big fan of Smurfs. I'm 24 years old, and I enjoy playing online games. I would like to be a friendly GM and will try my best to listen to our users' various opinions about the game. Well then, I'll see you guys in the game!

4/26 Update

Q. What do each of the colors of the orbs in the Experience Representation Effect actually represent?

A. The green balls are representations of the character experience points that you gained. The yellow balls represent the skill points gained. The red balls are representations of the berzerker points gained.

5/04 Update

Q. What do Silk Assistants do?

A. Basic activities and responsibilities of the Silk Assistants.

- Lag checking in the game
- Observation of bugs that could be critical to game play
- Listening to suggestions, checking the reactions of users

They do not have special GM authority or powers. They do not have any special equipment or access to top secret classified files.

They do have the knowledge that what they are doing will ultimately lead to a more enjoyable experience for everyone. They are here to help us find out what we need to know faster, more efficiently, and with more detail.

5/08 Update

Tips On Trading

A. Few people reported that they are getting scammed during personal tradings. When trading, before confirming the trade please make sure that the item placed in the window is the item you are wishing to trade. Please keep in mind that these kind of problems cannot be solved by system support, but can only be improved by honest players.

5/10 Update

How do I use the revival clock?

A. Right clicking on the revival clock does not increase the rental time, you must left click on the pet you wish to extend the time after right clicking on the revival clock. Please note that the clock does not increase the time by 30 days, it extends it by 4 weeks. Also, the monkey does not have to be expired in order to use the clock.

5/11 Update

Q. What is a one star trade caravan?

A. In the Triangular Conflict System, the trade caravan and the cargo that is transported plays an important part. The star rating indicates the value of the cargo. The potential risk increases as the star ratings increase.

The one star trade caravan has the least amount of risk because player characters may not directly attack a one star caravan with their own weapons and skills however this does not mean that there is no possibility of attack during a one star trade caravan.

Because the trade caravan is an integral part of the Triangular Conflict System, it will come under the same type of risks as any other rated trade caravan. As Hunters are also an integral part of the Triangular Conflict System, they are the only way to ensure any element of safety during any trade caravan.

5/15 Update

Q. When do merchants, hunters, and thieves gain job experience points?

A. Merchants receive experience points when they complete their trade run and sell the goods at the NPC.

Hunters receive experience points when they kill player thieves and thief NPCs.

Thieves receive experience points when they sell the stolen goods through the thief NPC at the thief town, and when they kill hunters and merchants.

5/16 Update

Q. What is the difference between lower and higher grade job suits?

A. There are two differences between the lower and higher grade job suits, which are price and appearance. There are absolutely no other differences, such as becoming undetected on radar.

5/18 Update
Q. For what reasons will an account be blocked?

A. For a detailed explanation of what actions will recieve an account login block punishment, please consult the Operation Policy and the User Agreements which can be found on the bottom of each page on the website and in the Customer Service section.

Most blockable offenses range from usage/distribution/advertisement of bots, system abuse, and other actions that prevent proper operation. If an account has been blocked, the reason and duration of the punishment will be on the bottom left of the login window in the game and will appear as a pop-up window when trying to log into the web page.
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Mittwoch, 2. August 2006, 17:28

5/25 Update

Q . What is mean "data road error…"when I charge silk ?

A. This is a kind of temporary error condition of Paypal web site, so we have claimed to improve to Paypal. We will try to return this condition to normal operation as soon as possible.

5/26 Update

Q . Can I be created many accounts from an identical IP?

A. Because of security problem, we only permit to create five accounts from an identical IP.

5/30 Update

Q . If I am having problems with charging silk through the official website, what information should I include when I report this to the bug report section?

A. When reporting issues with charging silk through the website, please include the error message recieved and the browser used (i.e. Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Maxthon, Netscape, etc.).

6/05 Update

Q .When can we use ' Gift Button' in Item mall?

A. In or for the foreseeable future, we do not have a plan about using a 'Gift Button' .

6/06 Update

Q .Can I exchange my character between Servers?

A. It is impossible to exchange a character between Servers.

6/07 Update

Q . I would like to leave the guild I am currently in. How do I do this?

A. There are two ways to leave a guild. The first way is to have the guild master remove you from the guild. The second way is to go to the Guild NPC and secede from the guild there. Please be aware that you must wait 3 days before you join another guild.

6/08 Update

Q . I would like to report bugs, technical issues with the game and/or website, and bot users? Where do I do this?

A. The way to do this would be to utilize the Bug Report function on the official website. The Bug Report function is located under the Customer Service tab on the homepage.

6/12 Update

Q . What is the "?????" error?

A. This error often occurs when outdated graphic card drivers are being used. Please update your graphic card drivers and for many this issue will be resolved.

Q . Why are you not catching and blocking hundreds and hundreds of bots?

A. The process involved in the investigation and confirmation of the bots has required time and other constraints which have limited the number of bots caught. However, the process is being refined rapidly and we will be able to catch more at a quicker pace.

Those who are botting who believe that they will not get caught will regret that belief. It does not matter if you are high level or low level, in a guild or not, famous or not, what time you are on, what nationality you are, what server you are on, where in the map you are, and whether you have bought silk or not. If you bot, we will block.
A. The way to do this would be to utilize the Bug Report function on the official website. The Bug Report function is located under the Customer Service tab on the homepage.

6/14 Update

Q . Does the wolf pet in the upcoming update have a limited rental time like the monkey?

A. No. It will, however, require regular feeding with the purchase with of HGP recovery potions when it gets hungry. It will also need to be healed through the use of recovery kits since it can be hurt. It can also be killed and if you wish to resurrect your beloved pet, the Grass of Life can be used to bring the wolf back to life. Just like your character it can also be affected by abnormal status attacks and will require abnormal status recovery potion.

All of these kits, grass and potions can be bought with gold from the stablekeeper NPC in every city.

Q . Can I use the wolf at the same time as my monkey pet? Can I use both the squirrel and the monkey at the same time?

A. The wolf may be summoned at the same time as the monkey or Seowon (squirrel). The monkey however cannot be summoned at the same time as the Seowon is summoned and vica versa.

So you can have a wolf and monkey or wolf and squirrel combination. You cannot have a monkey and squirrel or wolf, monkey and squirrel combination.

6/15 Update

Q . Can the wolf be used in PvP?

A. Yes. It can also be killed by another character or wolf in PvP/triangular conflict system. If used to kill another character or their pet in a non-PvP/triangular combat system situation; not only will the pet recieve murderer status but so will its master character.

Q . What is the difference between the Seowon and the monkey?

A. Cuteness.

6/20 Update

Q . What is the "?????" error?

A. This error often occurs when outdated graphic card drivers are being used. Please update your graphic card drivers and for many this issue will be resolved.

Q . I am recieving the message, "Server is undergoing inspection or updates". What should I do?

After following the steps we have outlined for you below, please post the resulting information in the Bug Report part of our Customer Support section in the official website. We would appreciate this assistance in helping us help you.


click the [Start] button -> select the Run selection -> type Cmd -> type nslookup in the new window -> Post in the Bug Report forum the information that follows the Default Server entry.

6/25 Update

Q . Would you ever consider a new style of shopping besides stalling? Such as an auction house?

A. We have no plans to implement an auction house at the moment.

6/26 Update

Q .How do you use magic stone of astrals?

A. In order to give items the astral options, you must have the immortal option on the item.

1. Open alchemy window.
2. Press att. enhance tab.
3. Put equipment item on left slot(must have at least 1 immortal), and magic stone of astral on the right slot.
4. Press fuse.

Please be aware that the level of magic stone of astral must match the degree of the equipment item.

6/30 Update

Q. How can I reduce the possibilities that problems will occur with my account or with the purchase of silk?

A. We recommend that you not purchase silk with a Paypal account or credit card that is not your own. Only purchase silk through the official website, any other way or method wil result in silk not being charged to your account.

Never tell anyone your account password, secret question or answer for any purpose; GM's will never ask for your password or your secret question/answer information. Change your password on a regular basis and never use the same password in similar places. To avoid phishing attempts, it is best to manually type in the website address when presented with links from sources outside of our website or that of our relevant partners.

7/3 Update

Q. Will there ever be an auto-logout timer for the stalls?

A. No. We are aware of this as often being suggested as one of the solutions to certain server traffic and lag based issues that some have experienced. This is in many cases incorrect and stalls, even if you yourselves do not use them, are an essential system that is integral to the economy and the game. Enhancements to stall use are being considered but there are no plans to implement anything that restricts usage of the stalls. We will not restrict stall usage with a time limit.

The upcoming new server is one of the measures aimed at easing server traffic. Please understand that we are aware of your concerns and are working to make your gaming experience a better one. Our solutions however will not always be the solutions that some of you may suggest.

7/11 Update

Q. After this last weekly update, I keep getting disconnected every couple minutes. What's going on?

A. Nprotect Gameguard has been updated and if you are using a bot or a modified client, you will either be blocked from accessing entirely or disconnected within 5 minutes.

If somehow you are able to still use a bot or a modified client after this update and we do find you and block you, there are no reversals of this block. No cancellation of blocks. There is absolutely nothing that you can do to remove a block due to use of an illegal program i.e. a bot, advertisement of a bot, or distribution of a bot.

7/20 Update

Q. Is there a chance that items in my inventory will drop when my character dies?

A. Yes, there is always a chance that you may drop items in your inventory when your character dies. However, the probability of this is very small.

Updated Tip: For those of you having connection problems, please make sure that all nonessential background programs are not running at the same time. Also try reconfiguring your firewall and/or antivirus to allow silkroad.exe to run. If you have Windows Update downloading in the background, please try launching the game after Windows Update finishes all of its pending updates.

7/27 Update

Q. I have gotten a message from a GM stating that I had commited some infraction and would be punished when I did nothing wrong?I am not even sure if this person really was a GM. How can I tell if a person is an authentic GM?

A. GM's can be identified by the following criteria which are things not possible with normal characters:
1) The GM notation is in brackets like this: [GM] followed immediately by the name. There is no space in between this notation and the name.
2) GM normal dialogue text is either in pink or when addressing the entire server is posted similarly as an ingame notice (similar to the inspection notice warnings)

GM's will never do the following things:
1) ask for your login information
2) use global chats (yellow text)

If you recieve a whisper from a GM, you may request that they use normal text to prove their identity. If it comes out pink, they can be confirmed to be an actual GM.

7/31 Update

Q. My account has been blocked with the stated reason due to chargeback reasons. How do I get it unblocked?

A. We will ONLY cancel/lift an account block when we recieve notification directly from Paypal, Cyberpass, and the various card companies (no copies or forwarded messages will be accepted) that:
1) their investigation has been completed and that the transaction is authorized
2) the valid card/account holder has cancelled their chargeback claim

Nothing else will result in the cancellation of your account block. Everything else will be rejected and will not result in the lifting of your account block.

8/22 Update

Q. What will happen if I accept those offers of "gold for silk"?

A. We highly discourage this for the following reasons:

1) your login information will get stolen and you may lose your account and/or all the items in it
2) your account will get blocked due to fraudulent practices on the part of the one with the offer
3) you will end up scammed out of your hard earned gold

The most probable outcome of all of this is that you will lose your account for one reason or another. Avoid this outcome and simply ignore these offers.

8/27 Update

Q. What will happen if I try to sell my Silkroad Online account for cash or through other financial transactions?

A. Though your account is for the most part available for your own usage, you do not own the content and ultimately the account itself. The account is Joymax's intellectual property and thus any attempt to sell it can be considered an illegal act. The account in question will be blocked and in certain cases further serious action may be taken.

Similarly, any attempt to sell or purchase other game's accounts without express permission of the copyright holder anywhere in the forums or the game servers will result in the block of the accounts doing the selling and the purchasing.

8/31 Update

Q. What is the best way to prevent my account from being stolen?

A. Protect your login information. The basic precautions to take are to avoid the download and use of any suspicious programs. It is well known that bot makers and sellers will sell your information once they have logged that and any other information you enter into your computer once you download and install an illegal program like that.

Similarly, avoid visiting sites that advertise suspicious activities. They too routinely sell information that may compromise the security of your account.

Do not use the same login ID and password for multiple places and services. For instance, do not have the same login information at a fan forum that you use with our game and our forums.

Do not use an easy to guess password. Sequential progressions like 12345 and ABCDE should be avoided at all costs. A random mixture of numbers and letters will further ensure the safety of your password.
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