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Donnerstag, 18. August 2016, 03:46

[Xlite Silkroad][PVP Server][Cap110][Play2Win]

Welcome To Xlite Silkroad | Your Way To Fun !

GrandOpen Date : 08.08.2016,

We all know that silkroad is no longer interesting any more , and we all search every day for server , and change from server to server .
So we are trying to produce to you the interesting and exciting moments you are searhing for it , we aren't the best! , but we try to be the Perfect to our customers.
So Just Try Xlite Silkroad , Your Perfect moments Will back again. you can find the Fun The War the Fight Your Power will be collected To be The Best one in Xlite. Just tell friends and collect your guild and lets fight the others.
Any Way i donot want to be bored , So Lets Get Into Xlite Silkroad

Official Links

InformationRateCap110MasteryEu/Ch(360/360)AlchemyCustomeFortress warJanganFortress war Duration(6:00PM)+2GMTPC Limit2BottingAllowed

[align=start]In Xlite Silkroad , There are many ways to Get The Special items To Be the strongest in our World ! [/align]
[align=start]First Of All want you to know the main Coin you will need To Start Your Journey.[/align]

Xlite Coins
Xlite CoinsArena CoinGold Coin


PVP System
this is automatic system gives you reward and title automatically when you acheive a strak of 25 wins without 1 single die in pvp
the reward is 300 Gold Coins and you will automatically got the "PVP King" title
this title will remain with you till someone else acheives this streak again so it's moved from you to the another player and he will got the same reward
you can only kill the same person 3 times during 30 minutes then above this 3 times will not counted

Weekly Unique Event
every Friday there is Uniques event which include (Roc) unique, anyone will kill the Roc at this event will got a title "Hero"
and will got a scroll drop from unique which gives STR and INT and damage increase for the full week till the next event time


Donnerstag, 18. August 2016, 03:47

Update Info 16/08/2016

Update Info