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Sonntag, 4. September 2016, 03:46

Araxion Online | 100 CAP EU/CH | Intuitive Gameplay & Events | Innovate to Lead

First of all, I will save you from the wall of text by skipping the part where I tell you how awesome our server, ideas and everything is. We certainly have some stuff you haven't seen before and many other things that have proven their worth in the past. The only promise regarding stability, bug fixing, etc. is that we will try our best to make it work as it's supposed to. Only a fool would promise that everything will go smoothly and exactly the way it was planned. In the past this project has been called Januera and Electus (Reborn excluded). Hope you will have fun in the beta as well as in the real deal!

So, as promised, let's skip the sales pitch and get right down to business.

Website: Araxion Online >> News & Updates
Download: Araxion Online >> Download

Want to have a chance to win 1k silks ?
Click here:

Open Beta Information


First phase: PVP testing.
Second phase: Grinding.
Third phase: Events and features.

All active testers will be rewarded with silk at the grand opening.

Grand Opening

Sunday 11.09.2016 | Sunday 18.09.2016

Why are we posting two different dates? Well, because in case we need to extend our beta phase for testing purposes, there has to be some flexibility to ensure the best possible start.

Forum Signature

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Araxion's Main Specifications

  • Cap: 100
  • Races: EU & CH, 200 & 330 mastery
  • EXP rate: 20
  • SP rate: 40
  • Alchemy rate: Close to 1x
  • Max plus: 12
  • Auto EQ: Until level 81, SOM+4 FB
  • Guild limit: 40
  • Guild start lv: 5
  • Union limit: 2
  • Union chat: Unlimited
  • Fortresses: Constantinople, Hotan, Jangan & Bandit
  • PC limit: 2 (=2 accounts per PC can connect)
  • IP limit: 10
  • Slots: 3500
  • Protection & anti-cheat: Sufficent

Starter Items

  • 10 reverse scrolls
  • 20 instant return scrolls
  • 5000 MP & HP potions
  • 3-day 120% speed scroll
  • 7-day pickup pet
  • 1-slot avatar dress

SoX and Coins

There are four types.

Seal of Star = Last tier +1. Droppable from 90-100 level mobs and uniques.
Seal of Alphard = Last tier +2. Droppable from Job Battleground elites and strong uniques.
Seal of Moon = Last tier +3. Purchased with coins and gold.
Seal of Sun = Last tier +4. Purchased with coins and gold, also requires a Soul of Araxion.

SoS and SoA are tradeable, SoM and Sun are not. SoA and SoM have increased reinforce values on weapons.
You might notice that SUN is not in the pictures, it's left for you to discover.
SoX effects might be changed from time to time just to freshen up your looks :)


  • Rusted coins are needed for purchasing SoM and Sun items and are obtained via jobbing. They cannot be traded.
  • Platinum coins are also needed for purchasing SoM and Sun, but can be used to purchase other useful and unique things as well. They can be obtained via hunting uniques, elites, and by participating in various activities such as Gladiator and Battle arena. They cannot be traded.
  • Activity tokens are used for purchasing various silk items and can be obtained from events and uniques. They can be traded.
  • Soul of Araxion is not actually a coin. It's a rare drop from tough uniques, which is needed for buying Sun. It can be traded.

Socket Stones

We have created 18 different socket stones which can be applied on weapons, shields and different parts of your gear. These stones can be obtained from any unique and are tradeable. They can fail and have multiple outcomes. To open a socket slot, you need purchase "Magic Stone of Sockets" from the Araxion shop and open the slot on your item via socket alchemy. A removal scroll can be bought with gold (note that it also removes the actual socket slot and you will need to reactivate it).

  • Normal items don't have any socket slots available.
  • SoS items have 1 slot on weapon and the main body parts.
  • SoA items have 2 slots on weapon, 1 slot on shield and 1 slot in every armour part.
  • SoM & Sun items have 2 slots on weapon, main body armour parts and 1 slot on shield, shoulders, hands, boots and accessories.

As we love mysteries here on Araxion, there won't be a full list of all their names and effects. That's left for the players to discover!

Grinding Areas & Uniques

Arabian coast and desert are open. The uniques of this area drop socket stones, Platinum coins, Activity tokens and have chance to drop SoA items.

  • Arabian Coast:

    • Monsters Level: 90 ~ 95.
    • Uniques: Karkadann & Mad General.

    Arabian Coast:

  • Arabian Desert:

    • Monsters Level: 96 ~ 100.
    • Uniques: Demon Venefica, Khulood & Togui Elder.

    Arabian Desert:

Party monsters are enabled.

Bone Roc is a "global" unique which can spawn at any unique spawnspot excluding Baghdad. It's hard to beat and has great loot, such as socket stones, Platinum coins, SoA items & A LOT of Activity tokens.

  • All regular uniques have altered spawnspots - up to 70 different locations each.
  • Demon Shaitan can drop Platinum coins, whereas lower ones only drop Activity tokens.
  • All regular uniques have chance to drop SoS items and socket stones.
  • All uniques above level 90 have chance to drop SoA items.
  • JG tomb is closed.
  • Constantinople and Samarkand are open but trading in the area is disabled.
  • FGW is disabled.

Job Battleground

Scrolls & Extras

  • Reverse scroll's cooldown is 20 seconds and it is disabled in job mode.
  • Instant return scroll is also disabled in job mode.

  • Other Features

    • Permanent Buffs: Our autobuff feature will keep your buffs on in every situation, making your life much easier.
    • Title Switching: With this feature you can switch between the titles you have been granted. You just have to PM [Bot]Titles with "my titles" and you will be given a list of your titles. Just pick the desired title from the list and send it to the bot.
    • Global Item Linking: Full instructions will come later.
    • Delays: Stall, exchange and exit delays are enabled to prevent abuse.

    There might even be more features later, so keep an eye on the thread for new ones.

Due to the limit of, we couldn't put all our server information, please view: Araxion Online | 100 CAP EU/CH | Intuitive Gameplay & Events | Innovate to Lead In order to know more