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Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2017, 00:42

Silkroad PandaFX | Cap 100 |Old School |PvE | Job System | CH/EU |

No wonder those times in which the silkroad was really complicated, and not everyone saw them so easy, where you needed to be able to climb to the top. Welcome to Panda Fx Silkroad, where we will make you remember all those times, what are you waiting for? Register !, a great adventure awaits you !.

General Information:
Homepage: Silkroad PandaFx Online
Registration: Register Silkroad PandaFx Online
Download: Download Client Silkroad PandaFx Online
Facebook page: PandaFx-Online

Server Information:

Level Cap: 100
Skill Cap: 100
Race: Chinese/European
Mastery Limit: Chinese - 300, European - 200
Experience: 5x
Skill Experience: x5
Party Experience: 10x
Item Drop: 6x
SoX Drop: x5
Gold Drop: 5x
Job Rate: 10x
Alchemy rate: 1x
High Performance server
DDoS Protected
Stable server.
IP limit - 3.

Server Features:
All regions working
Fortress war enabled
Fortress War Time: Saturday 19:00 GMT-4 - Server time.
Working Guild/Union Icons.
Jewel Box event.
CTF enabled
Elixirs, Potions, and much more can be stacked to a higher amount.
Disabled Magic Pop.
Removed Job penalty.
Removed Guild penalty.
Weekly updates.
Daily Events.
Nice web features (Under constuction)
Botting: Light Botting allowed (3 accounts max)
Unique spawn time decrease to 30min~1 Hour.
Free Coins can be obtained from some uniques, CTF.
You can teleport to Jangan cave from Jangan teleporter.
Free Coins Trader, which selling item mall items for Free Coins.
Advanced elixirs.
Some of europian skills have longer delay (due balance).
3 New Uniques.

Starting Items

1.000.000 Gold
500.000 SP
1x Premium Gold Time 3 Days
30x Reverse Return Scroll's
20x Instant Return Scroll's
20x Beginner Speed Scroll's
1x 3 Days Grab Pet
1x Outfit M/F

Silks Scroll

More Trans Pets

PandaFx Shop (Weapon,Armor,acc)

Weapon Upgrade System

Avatar Dress

Free Coin SHOP

Coin System [JOB]

Every time that you make a trader, 5*, you gonna get Gold Coins (you have to restart to receive them)
Trader: 5 Gold Coin
Thief: 4 Gold Coin
Hunter: 4 Gold Coin


Hunter(Have to stay in Party):


Coins drop on these uniques:

Yuno: 8 Copper Coin 7 Silver Coin / 2 gold coin / 15 free coin
Babillion: 8 Copper Coin / 7 Silver Coin / 2 gold coin / 15 free coin
Fire Ceberus: 8 Copper Coin / 7 Silver Coin / 2 gold coin / 15 free coin
Apis: 7 Copper Coin / 5 Silver Coin / 2 gold coin / 15 free coin /
Demon Shaitan: 5 Copper Coin / 3 Silver Coin / 1 gold coin / 15 free coin
Lord Yarkan: 5 Copper Coin / 3 Silver Coin
Isyutaru: 5 Copper Coin / 15 Free coin / 2 Silver Coin
Captain Ivy: 2 Copper Coin / 15 Free coin
Uruchi: 2 Copper Coin / 15 Free coin
Ceberus: 15 Free coin
Tiger Girl: 15 Free coin

These unique appear Qin-Shi tomb

(Snake General Yul): 5 Copper Coin / 15 Free coin / 4 Silver coin
(Snake General Jung): 5 Copper Coin / 15 Free coin/ 4 Silver coin
(Snake General Hew): 5 Copper Coin / 15 Free coin/ 4 Silver coin
(Snake General Ki): 5 Copper Coin / 15 Free coin / 4 silver coin
(Tomb General Ho): 3 Copper Coin /15 Free coin
(Tomb General Bi): 3 Copper Coin/ 15 Free coin
(Tomb General Jin): 3 Copper Coin / 15 Free coin
(Tomb General Hyun): 3 Copper Coin / 15 Free coin

The unique of Temple in alexandria has its appearance

Spawn Unique:

Alchemy Super Hard

1 = 100%
2 = 100%
3 = 80%
4 = 60%
5 = 50%
6 = 40%
7 = 25%
8 = 15%
9 = 10%
10 = 5%
11 = 2%
12 = 1%

Old Alchemy

Fortress Donwhang

Old Underbar

Academy Ennabled

eXo [Developer, Designer] English,Arabic,Spanish
Fx [Designer, Publicity, Dev,] English,Arabic,Spanish
Annonymous [Dev] English,Spanish