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Montag, 26. Juni 2017, 20:11

→ SURVIVALROAD ┬ CAP 110 ┬ EU|CH ┬ Zero Edits ┬ Oldschool ┬ Mid Rates ┬ Long Term ←


[b]We are SurvivalRoad and providing a simple, stable and long term Silkroad Online Private Server. We keep the server simple as good as possible to bring back the old feeling of Silkroad. We do not want any miss managed server where corruption is dominating the server. If you are searching a new home and a new challenge where Fair-Play is very important, then you are right here and keep reading and invite all your friends to the server to have fun with them!








Degree: 11

Level Cap: 110

Europe Mastery: 220

Chinese Mastery: 440


Job-Limit: 1

PVP-Limit: 1

FTW-Limit: 1

CTF-Level: 20

CTF-Limit: 1

BA-Level: 95

BA-Limit: 1

Guild Limit: 32

Union Limit: 1

Guild Penalty: 1 Day

Job Penalty: 1 Day


Experience Rate: x50

Party Experience Rate: x55

Item Drop Rate: x10

Gold Drop Rate: x5

Alchemy Rate: x1.5

Stone Drop Rate: x2

Elixir Drop Rate: x2

Job Rate: x1.5

Nova: x1.5

Forgotten World Rate: x1

Holy Water Temple Rate: x1


Experience Rate: x25

Skillpoint Rate: x25

Gold Rate: x10


Registration: Everyday

Fortress War: Sunday (Start: 16:30 ~ End: 18:30)


Selkins & Neith: Everyday (04:00, 09:00, 13:00, 18:00, 23:00)

Anubis & Isis: Everyday (01:00, 06:00, 11:00, 15:00, 20:00)

Haroeris & Seth: Everyday (03:00, 08:00, 13:00, 17:00, 22:00)


Roc: Everyday (18:00)

Medusa: Everyday (12:00, 20:00)

Titans: Everyday (00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00)


Special Goods: Everyday (Start: 13:00 ~ End: 17:00)


Capture the Flag Registration: Everyday (01:50~02:00, 03:50~04:00, etc)

Battle Arena Registration: Everyday (02:50~03:00, 04:50~05:00, etc)


Unique-Reset: Every Month

Academy-Reset: Every Month

Job-Reset: Every Month


TOP 1 Unique-Killer: Every Month

TOP 1 (Trader, Thief, Hunter) Job-Ranking: Every Month

We implement a special command system for new and old players. The commands give the players a small and fast overview of some features:

1. → Racist words in [allchat] and [global] are not allowed.(Timeban - 7 Days)

2. → Advertising other servers on [globals] are forbidden.(Permanent ban)

3. → Using bugs, exploits & hacks.(Permanent ban)

4. → Selling-, trading-, buying- Accounts,Items or Gold for real money(Permanent ban)

5. → Spreading false information about our team such as corruption and no fair play.(Permanent ban)

6. → [allchat] spam in any town.(Timeban - 3 Days

7. → Charging back and acquiring items on an illegal way, suspicious items may be deleted without warning.

8. → Being involved in hacking or scamming or anything in that direction.(Permanent ban)

9. → Impersonating other players through faking their names.(Permanent ban)

10. → Job abusing in all ways. (Safezone, Friends, Dropping etc.)(Permanent ban)

11. → Insulting Developer, Gamemaster and Staff. (Timeban - 7 Days

We have changed the party spawn ratio in alexandria, salt desert and job temple to 40% to reduce the high rare item drop also we changed the spawn of party so the party monster start to when the party is full means 7/8 characters in one party. All other regions have a party monster spawn of 80% and start to spawn when 4 characters are in one party.






5x Damage Increase Scrolls

5x Damage Absorbtion Scrolls

5x Reverse Return Scrolls

5x Resurrection Scrolls

5x Global Chatting

5x Berserk Potions

2x Copper Coin

2x Iron Coin

1x Silver Coin

1x Gold Coin


10x Damage Increase Scrolls

10x Damage Absorbtion Scrolls

10x Reverse Return Scrolls

10x Resurrection Scrolls

10x Global Chatting

10x Berserk Potions

4x Copper Coin

4x Iron Coin

2x Silver Coin

2x Gold Coin


20x Damage Increase Scrolls

20x Damage Absorbtion Scrolls

20x Reverse Return Scrolls

20x Resurrection Scrolls

20x Global Chatting

20x Berserk Potions

8x Copper Coin

8x Iron Coin

3x Silver Coin

3x Gold Coin


1. TOP (1) Trader: 300 Credits

1. TOP (1) Hunter: 300 Credits

1. TOP (1) Thief: 300 Credits


1. TOP (1) Unique-Killer: 300 Credits



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