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Freitag, 7. November 2014, 20:46

PlaySRO Cap60 | Isro rates | no modification | 10k Free Silk

Webpage: [click me]
ePvPers: [click me]

I am not the owner, but i think this server could be the perfect place for a lot of the lost silkroad community.
Why? Because this server is 100% oldschool Cap 60. No modifications. No eu chars. No pay 2 win. This server could be awesome, BUT we need the good old community. Currently the server is olmost empty, but give it a try and let us make it full, hunt some uniques, do some trades and make pvp with lv 30.
Oh and before i forget, there are just the important things in the item mall, so everyone get 9999 silk to buy the items, such much as you need

The problem is, this server needs to be more public. Currently it is boring to start there because we need a player community, but i hope that you understand what we must do then. We must grow slowely and make us a name as the biggest oldschool classic cap 60 server You all can help, when you just give this server a try.

Any questions?
Ask me here or at (Casque) or ingame: Lepus


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