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Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2012, 16:06

[PlaySRO] New private server cap 80, chin only


PlaySRO Community is proud to present its latest addition, APOLLO server. This server will open next week ( 04 ~ 08 June )

[ Update ] MasteryCAP was voted and decided to remain at 300 maximum.
[ Update ] We will remove the XL Potions and Devil Spirit items to balance the gameplay for 8D


Configuration of the server:The server is perfectly balanced for a classic stable gameplay.

Level Cap: 80cap Old School Gameplay
Rates: 40x (exp); 10x (drop); 5x(gold); 10x(Trades); 20%(Alchemy)
Races: Chinese only ( All Europeans maps and items disabled )
Vote Shop: Enabled with daily silk reward per vote session
Donation: Enabled trought a large range of methods for all countries
Website/Features: "Invite Friends", "Lottery System", "TeamSpeak", "LiveChat", etc.

The specifications of the gameplay are the following:

Fortress War Enabled.
Capture the Flag Enabled
Battle Arena Enabled
Chinese only gameplay
Stackable elixirs/potions/pills to a limit of 1.000 units.
Trade rates increased by 10x.
Stackable limit of arrows increased to 1.000 units.
24/7 Live Chat & Email support in case of scam or fraud.
Donations through various methods for all countries around the world
Part of the biggest & most stable community for Private Gaming
NPC with modified ITEMS to increase gameplay enviorment
Vigor Potions at NPC
Honor Buffs working

Why would you start on Apollo?

Many of you are in search of a big and fun community. If i'm not right, at least for a good and stable server. Most of the servers are unstable, under attack, laggy and full of bugs. We can offer more than that. If you have played on our first server Heaven you will know that our succes is based on professionalism and seriousness. We can provide an amazing tehnical & gameplay support and an amazingly stable and secured server where you can be safe for the next following active years as gamers.

What will you receive if you join Apollo?

10.000.000 Gold
50.000 SkillPoints
3 Days Grab Pet
1 Attack Pet
1 Avatar Dress
4 Weeks Skill~Exp Increase 100%
Transport & Vehicle pets
Various Scrolls for PvE & PvP

Good Luck & Have fun,
PlaySRO Team