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Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2012, 20:13

Lumiel Online Bamboo *1M FREE SILK*

New Server: Bamboo

LumielOnline is a promising new server with dedicated and very
experienced staff members. Our goal is to create a classic low rate that
can satisfy the thirst of the old school players by providing fun
classic leveling and intense PvP. The staff members have played Silkroad
for more than 5 years so we know exactly what to do to make the perfect
low rate. Unlike other new private servers, we have prepaid 6 months of
hosting services, which means the server will stay around for a very
long time (without having to depend on donations).

By joining LumielOnline you can expect the following

· No GM Corruption. GMs do not have any abilities to go corrupt in any
way, and the administrators do not play the game or will have in-game

· Reliable server with 24/7 uptime and dedicated network for a smooth gameplay.

· Balanced PvP Gameplay Unlike other servers, we know exactly what problems to address to make things fair

· Friendly Staff and Events

· An original "Silkroad" feel that will bring back the team work and strategy that made you fall in love with the game.

Server Information

1,000,000 FREE SILK

· Rates: 30X EXP, 10X DROP, 7X GOLD

· Max Level: 120

· No reborn or other shits.

· Max Population : 1,000

· Jupiter Temple Area to lvlup after 110

· SUN Gears in NPC npc items are replaced with sun+5 str int 7

· Custom Moving Scrolls ( Custom 150% 200% and %2000 speed drugs. )

· Optimized procedures Lumiel online is 4time faster than other servers.

· Custom Punishment System

· Massive Spawn – Unique called jupiter spawns in Golden Plain

· 15 New Avatars – All avatars released by joymax until now are available in our server.

· New Grab pets – All grab pets released by joymax and alot custom modified pets are available in our server.

· 7200HP & MP – Custom HP and MP scrolls.

· Alchemy for devil spirits – 2 New Stones, 1 Elixir and lucky powder for devils.

· IP Address – We use IP Address to reset account password instead of Secret Question and answer like in all other servers.

Official Page:

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