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Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012, 23:32

Deus PVP Server CAP 13 Free Silk Items/Events/Friendly Gms

If you are looking for the best Server
Looking For Warm Comuinty?. Today we got about 130 000 registered accounts and about 5000
active members At Nesro
Our Deus Server Was PVE but we changed it to PVP
Every 1 is welcome here and he will got a help sure

Auto Spawn Uniques Everyday
Auto Spawn Roc Every sunday/Wensday At Roc Room /Roc Mt
PVP Event Every Month For Free Silks And Title PVP GOD
Unique Event Every Month For Uniques Hunter Title
Auto Hide & Seek Event Everyday For SilkItems Free
Job Temple & Uniques Temple with
Level cap: 130 Instant With 10 M SP
Fortress War: Yes With Rewards And The Old System Everything is working
Battle Arena: Yes
Capture the Flag Yes
Job level cap 7 Active 24/7 With High Rates And Arena Coins
Egy Items At Shop for 1 gold
2 Avatars are free for 1 gold Arch Angel & Arabian
Sun items for arena coins or droped from Uniques /Npc Thiefs/Hunters
Alchmey Rate 35x

Upcoming Update

1- we are going to put more free silks to new users
2-NEW FW SYSTEM Thats will be beside fw too
Its Town War Hotan all the guilds will fight for hotan and who got it will get everything from hotan free also who buy anything from hotan the gold will go to occuping guild
3- We Are Planinng To Reback The Hammers System At FW THE Old System
Also Merciners for job
4-Also We Prepareing now for islamic/arabic race Thats will be Exclusive for us 2 new races will be added 1 str and 1 int both will be helaers
5- 2 New Avatars They are our own avatarsN p.S Have them Because they Made By Us 1- Green Hulk Avatar 2- Battman for male Barbie For Female
6- We Will Add 2 Uniques LVL130 (Battman , A New Unique From the Islamic Race)

Here is the Download Link

Reg From Here

NeSRO Games - Registration