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Samstag, 13. Juli 2013, 16:59

Silkroad Cap 70 Old good Times SRO !!



we want to present you the all the new Silkroad-BackTo70s Server , which will presumably open in August 2013.

NOTE: The first player Level 70 will get 300 silk as reward. Regards


  • - no European Chars & Regions
  • - no Taklamakan
  • - 70 cap with adapted skills
  • - no Stat Alchemy (Tablets, Stones and Elements will be restricted) as it was in the beginning of Cap 70
  • - no advanced elixirs
  • - old 8D drop system
  • - no Forgotten World
  • - no Battle Arena


We have not fixed rates yet but we will test and set rates during a closed BETA phase, the only thing we can say is,

the server will not become a highrate server.

  • Lv Cap: 70
Item Cap: 8DMastery: 300Race: CHEXP Rate: x3,25Party EXP Rate: x3,25Quest EXP Rate: individualDrop Rate: x3,25Rare Rate: x1Gold Rate: x3,25by Text-Enhance">Job Gold Rate: individualAlchemy Rate: 1xTeamspeak:
  • Quest Rates
Lv1-20 x4Lv20-40 x6Lv40-50 x8Lv50-60 x9Lv60-70 x10

CTF / Fortress War Times:

FW Register: Saturday 6AM-6PM GMT+1

FW: Saturday 7PM-9PM GMT+1

FW Tax: Everyday 6AM-6PM GMT+1


Every Hour


Botting and multi-accounting is not allowed and will be punished by a
longterm Ban, a second misdoing will lead to a permanent ban.

The maximum numbers of accounts on 1 IP will be 3, if you have got more
people playing in your home you have to inform the service

in order to extend the numbers of accounts. Households with more than 3
Accounts will be watched by GMs in order to prevent Botting.

Bug Abuses and/or Server attacks will lead to a ban.

Team Members:

[GM]Hean Administrator ( writen post by Gm Hean)
[GM]KingKong GameMaster
Visit this server on…cap-70-pve.html