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05.09.2011, 21:18

[Info] | be informed! [tSRO playerdata]

Hello members of,

we want to present you

sroBandit | be informed!

A new datamining site for tSRO where you can check other players equipment, avataritems and pets they use. Be informed and always a step ahead!

Currently we just support tSRO for open beta testing. But we're going to implement cSRO and rSRO aswell. If you play one of the other versions you should remember us. As you will see, we just have the player equipments and some guild and server info. We work hard on more features for you! There will be features like quest and item database, advanced searching features and much more!

Just follow us on Facebook or on Twitter and be informed!

Your sroBandit Team!

PS: If you have any suggestions or found a bug/problem, just leave a post here! Also we will post new features in this thread!


10.09.2011, 00:20

Long time for developing / styling our new outfit...

It's not finished yet but we wanna give you a little shot and show you something of the new look...

the new look - playerdetails

please post your comments about the style and things you like/dislike!

your sroBandit Team!

EDIT/PS: Move over the weapon and the concentration buff :)

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23.09.2011, 16:16

Hi folks,

sorry for delayed news, we had some hard times the last 2 weeks!

Ok, work for new design has been started, lots of work for optimizing and so on. Together with new design we also apply rSRO and cSRO for playerchecks. We going to finish our work within next 2 weeks.

be informed!

EDIT: New FB link ->