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19.02.2012, 18:03

Prime SRO.

Heyo ich möchte euch Prime Sro vorstellen unzwar auf englscih :p :

Recently we have seen that none of the current servers are hosting a Silkroad server the way it should be one,therefore we have decided to open the best private server that you have ever seen. With the elite of pSRO server scene we've come up with a private server with the most custom stuff you have ever experienced that we have achieved on the newest vSRO server files(you won't find them on any other SRO private server!) which have the latest jobsystem and cool new events.

Our main priority is to provide you the best gameplay experience without being bored of the server itself. In order to do so,we've enabled few other events which you can do while leveling your character. Also,we've balanced the rates to not get capped with all the skills fully farmed during 1 day but to make the leveling stage fun yet still challenging.

As you can see, we are now officially online. To have access to our Server, you need to register an account here. After you registered an account you are able to login to the Game server and to our Webpage.

We are going to run on the 110 cap with degree 11 skills and items. We are planning to add 13 degree items as well as new regions. Another thing we,as Silkroad players hate is the utterly slow alchemy system. We've increased the alchemy rates by 30% to make it a bit easier and funnier to plus your items.

We also have new launcher design!

Our team is one of the best possible formed - it contains the very elite of private silkroad scene. We are all Silkroad players therefore we know what YOU deserve from us.


Our rates:
- Solo EXP/SP Rate: x100
- Party EXP/SP Rate: x125
- Gold Drop Rate: x25
- Drop Rate: x40
- Job Rate:x30
- Alchemy Rate: 30% of the normal income

To start your game adventure, you have to download our Client from the download page(You need to be logged in to see it). If you may use another client from other privateservers, you won't be able to play! So make sure, that you are using our Silkroad client.

The Server runs with the Client Version 1.193 which means, that we have the newest job system and also we support d13 as well as d12. We kindly ask you all to report any bugs, you may find in game, using our forum. Please report them to the right section here. We also opened a support system, so you can get in touch with us as fast as possible. There will be also an ingame Support.

If the patch didn't worked for you or if your game is in Vietnamese, I kindly ask you to use this manual patch.

If the autoupdate didn't worked for you, please download these archive.


Media and sro_client.exe: (209MB - recommended)
Media only: (748MB)
sro_client.exe only: (11MB)


And now, we wish you a happy gameplay!

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