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10.09.2012, 17:15

DeadRavine | 80 Cap | Mid-Rate | Vote4Silk | CH Map Only | Both Races | Friendly Team

Greetings everyone, so today I would like to proudly present you DeadRavine server. Our team is dedicated silkroad players, who started to explore this wonderfull world in the beggining of the game, so we know to make this game more enjoyable!
But less talk, more action!

Website: DeadRavine | Silkroad Online Private Server
Download: Download | DeadRavine **If your client version is bellow 1.194 please download NEW CLIENT from here!!
Registration: DeadRavine › Registration Form
Twitter: DeadRavine (DeadRavine) auf Twitter
Facebook: DeadRavine | Facebook

Basic information:

Level cap: 80 (8 degree)
Rates*: EXP: 150x Drop: 50x Gold: 10x
Races: Both Chinese and European races (European character starting location is Jangan, inventory expansion quests are now located also in china).

You can also earn free silk by voting, maximum amount of earned silk per 24 hours is 11 silks

*Rates are REAL, not less, not more.

  • China, Western China, Oasis kingdom, Taklamakan map only!
  • Custom Lost Lake region and special fancy shop in it.
  • Both CH & EU races.
  • Increased trade rates.
  • Cerberus and Captain Ivy uniques transfered to China and Western China regions.
  • Reverse Oblation cooldown increased to 2 minutes.
  • Capture the flag every 2 hours.
  • Autoprotecter can be bought in grocery shops.
  • All three fortresses are working
  • X-large potions removed from the game.
  • SoX items removed from Magic pop.
  • Expert Package Ticket in the Item Mall.
  • Newest avatars, new pick pets (Circus Bear, Ghost)
  • Downhang income tax goes to Bandit fortress.
  • Forgotten World, Battle arenas removed.
  • Potions, pills stack increased to 250 units
  • Arrows stack increased to 1000 units
  • Increased elixirs, stones & elements stack.
  • New launcher & intro screen.

Fortress war registration period: Monday-Friday 8:00-18:00
Fortress war battle time: Saturdays 19:00


Starting items:

  • 3 days pick pet
  • HP small potions. Amount : 1.000
  • MP small potions. Amount : 1.000
  • 100% speed scrolls. Amount : 20

Some screenshots


Spoiler Spoiler

If you have any questions, suggestions, advices or just want to tell your opinion about the server, feel free to do it just right here! We are still improving it to make gameplay even more enjoyable, so wait for epic updates!

Best regards, Deadravine team!

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