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25.03.2013, 23:12

✘✘ Naramis Game Network ✰ PVP ✰ 110Cap ✰ Coin System ✰ Old Job System ✰ More... ✘✘


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✘ Welcome Everyone Into The "Naramis Game Network" . I Assuree You That You Will Having a Great Success Time With Us
You Won't Waste Your Time For Nothing . You'll Worth To Be One Of True Silkroad Players
We Are Trying With all Power We Got To Rise This Server Into The Top , We Are Proud To Present you "Naramis Game Network" , Server Owners Are Professional People Which Know What They Do , So They Will Present You Many Updates Which Will Make The Game More Enjoyable , Join Us And Be Sure You Will Find The fun With Us

Server Features
►LeveL Cap : 110
►Cap Skill : 110
►Mastery LeveL : 330
►Starting Lv : 110
►EXP Ratio: 350x
►Sp Ratio : 450x
►Gold Ratio: 50x
►DROP Ratio: 80x
►Vps Server : 6 month
►Server Open : 21/3/2013 6.00AM
►FTW Hotan & Bandit & Jangan Working
►CTF - Battle Arena Working
►Guild Emblem Working
►New Unique's
►New Effect Skills
►Balanced PVP: European Skills Have Been Tweaked (Some Skills, For • Example Bard Dances Have Been Disabled)
►Job System. ( Trader/Hunter/Thief ) ( Old Isro System )
►Murderer (PK) Is Disabled On The Server.
►Free Egy+7 Weapon's And Egy+7 Armor's And Legendary +7 Accessory • With 100% Blues And Stats 61%
►Daily Events (Unique Events, Hide And Seek And More)
►Weekly PVP Tournaments With Epic Rewards
►Weekly Updates
►Arena System Every 1h Winner 5x Coin Lost 1x Coin
►Arena Coin Able To Buy ADV Elixer + Normal Elxier For Alachmy
►Naramis Coin That Coin Drop From Whole Uniq in The Game
►That Naramis Coin Able To Change every 3x Naramis Coin For 1x Arena Coin
►Medusa , Jupiter , Normal Uniq , Roc , ALL Whole Uniq's Drop Naramis Coin[/COLOR][/FONT][/b][/center][/SIZE]

Some Screen Shot

• Vps Server •

Spoiler Spoiler

• Start Item •

Spoiler Spoiler

• Item Shop •

Spoiler Spoiler


Spoiler Spoiler

• Job System •
Work Without Bug or Crash

Spoiler Spoiler

• Weapon Glow •

Spoiler Spoiler









• Guild Emblems •

Spoiler Spoiler

• New Unique's Spot •

Spoiler Spoiler

• Medusa System •
Old Medusa System Of Isro is Back in Our Server and Drop Coin's

Spoiler Spoiler

►If You Want a Stable Lag-Free server, Which Is Being Managed By Professional People, Just Feel Free To Check Out The Server , This Server Won't Close Because Of Any Corruption/Hacking Issue.
This Server Isn't Being Managed By Noobs Who Want The Quick cash.
Your Data Will Be Kept Secure And Your Progress Will Be Saved Daily+Monthly+Yearly.◄
►Many Things Have Been Said But That's Not All Of It! Many More Updates Will Be On The Way Regarding New Systems And Content! Well, We Are Off To Prepare More Content! We Hope That Many Of You Like What You See And That You Become Apart Of Naramis Community! We Wish Everyone a Nice Day And Hope To See You Apart Of Our Community! Feel Free To Register On Our Community To Contact Us Or Make Any Suggestions!
In The Passage I Want To Say Thanks To People Waiting Till Finshed This Server