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10.04.2013, 18:48

SunshineSRO - Cap 100# Chinese Only# - Join Now

Hey guys!
Thats my New Server SunshineSRO.
The Server will go live on Wednesday, the 10. April 2013 ~20:00 (GMT+1),
We tryed to do an Oldschool Gameplay. And we will accept the Player suggest improvement, that i wont be Lazy.

General Information
Website: SunshineSRO Homepage
Register: Sunshine Register

Server Information
Servercap: 100
Mastery Limit: 300
Race: Chinese
Experience: x45
Goldrate: x5
Droprate: x5
Alchemy rate: x1
Servername: Tale of SRO

Server Features

Starter Items
Starting without anything? No! Every player receives a free Grappet aswell as other nice stuff!

Arena System
The main question for us was, how can we bring Arena alive.
Well we added SOM Accessorys and soon SOM Clothes too.

We also added new Unique appear Time.

Cap/Race Adjustments
We removed all European Items from the Shops.

Advanced Elixirs have been disabled also.

Forgotten World
Grab your friends and work on Talismans for the Forgotten World in order to receive Seal of Moon Weapons.

DDOS Protection
We hope that our Protection is good enough to avoid the Lazy Guys who hacks.

Other nice Features

No Guildpenalty
Only Jangan Fortress high activity
Much Dresses available
Cheap Silks, lots of Donationmethods ( Soon )
Improvement Stacklimits
Capture the Flag
Weekly ROC Event[time not setted yet, already adjusted]
.. and much more, check it out!

Fortress Wars: Sunday, 17:00 - 18:30
Capture the Flag: Daily, every 2hours

Hope to see you soon,
SunshineSRO Team