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02.10.2013, 16:23

FantasySRO (Old Class Online) | New Systems | Mid Rates | Cap 120 | Balanced

♦About FantasySRO (Old Class Online):

The server was created for players find something that already does not remember, fun! We are trying to balance the fun with the best systems that we created! Thus, you will not get tired of the server!

♦Why the "new" Class Online is going to be named as FantasySRO?

FantasySRO was the most famous server in Brazil and Latin America, we had like 800 Players online everyday! Class too, he was famous worldwide! So we decide to re-create the a new server, we will unite all the players!

♦We opened the server at, now we have 400+ users online everydays

♦Server Specification:
• CAP: 120
• Mastery: 360
• Race: CHN / EU
• Exp Ratio: 35x
• Party EXP Ratio: 40x
• Item Ratio: 10x
• Gold Ratio: 7x
• Alchemy Rate: 1x

♦Starter Items:

•10x Ostrich
•11x Reverse Scroll
•20x Return Scroll
•1x Grab Pet 7 Days
•1x Devil Spirit 7 Days
•20x 100% Moving Speed
•500k Gold
•300k SP

♦Server Features:
- Free Silk Dropable from Mobs
- Free Silk per hour (When you reach 120, you will get it!)
- New Job Arena
- New System to FGW
- Coin System
- Job Point (Earned at new Job Arena)
- Job Point used to obtain FGW Portal
- Job Point used to obtain ADV Elixir
- Plus Limit +12 (+14 With ADV B)
- JG and Const. FW Enabled (JG Tax [JG - DW - HT] | Const Tax [Const - SMK - ALEX])
- Attack Pets in Stable
- SRO-R Skills for Chinese Chars
- Lot of new uniques in all the world map

♦New Job Arena:
Teleport Location:

Job Arena Announcement:

Hunter and Trader Teleport:

Thief Teleport:

You can check your Job Points at Item Mall (F10)

♦Fantasy Legends (Our exclusive NPC):

Fantasy Legends NPC:

Sets can be obtained with Coins and Gold:

Acessories can be obtained with Job Points and Gold:

ADV Elixir B (12DG) can be obtained with Job Points and Gold:

FGW Portals can be obtained with Job Points and Gold:

♦In-game Pictures:

♦About Server Rules and [GM] Interaction:

GM's will only interact with players in Events, also our GM's does not have access in SMC and command to create items, we did it to prevent corruption!

•Server Rules:

- Scamming is not allowed
- Advertising other server or any other website in Fantasy Pages
- Racist attitude
- Abusing bugs
- Selling acounts, gold, etc. for real money
- Trading items Between servers

•Website: Fantasy SRO
•Register: Fantasy SRO
•Download: Fantasy SRO

♦Languages Supported:
[X] English
[X] Portuguese
[X] Spanish
[X] Turkish
[ ] Egypt
[ ] Germany


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