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22.07.2015, 18:02

OTBrotherhood Online | Cap 100 | Only CH | Balanced | Job/Coin systems| 35x |PVE


Server Information
Longterm PVE.
Stable all the buggs problems fixed.
Files : Vsro V1.188
Server Cap : 100Cap
Server Race's : Ch Only
Exp - Sp Rate : 35x (38x Party) Exp / Sp
Gold Drop rate : 3x
Item Drop Rate : 5x
Alchemy rate : 1x (Isro Rates)
Sox Drop rate : 5x
FGW : Removed
Mastery 300
Fortress : Only Hotan works til server cross a good number
Trading Gold Rate : 25x (More than isro)
Towns : Hotan - Jangan - Downhang
Mobs Spawn rate : 2x (more than isro)
35x Job Rate

The Europe parts are removed from Entire Map (M button)
Removed Vigor Potion from the NPC.
Monster spawn ratio has been increased to 2x.
Weapon glow colors are configured like the real old 100cap.
CoinSystem not only based on Contribution
Item Selling Gold Rate 30%
Dg1-Dg9 Auto-Equipment of Items
Chinese Only So ( Sun Items Disabled )
60 Seconds CoolDown for Reverses
Rare Items are +3 stronger than normal end gear
Legend Items are +4 stronger than normal end gear
awesome stone drop rate
Damage Increase Scrolls are 10% instead of 20% (works with dmg increase buffs)
GoldBotting is allowed, however ItemSellRate is lowered and GoldDropRate is also lowered
Isro Upgrade system with optlevel and more
Advanced Elixier are disabled
Purfication Pill Fix.
CTF every 1 hours
Fortress war on Sundays at 7.30-9PM Servertime (Gmt+1) | Hotan FW Only at Beginning.
Various Stacks changed
65 as required level for using globals
cool elixir drop rate
Honor buff disabled
Roc instance available 3 times/week (part of the special Rare system , details below)
Academy disabled
Special items dropable from uniques.

Sos / Som / Sun Balances
- You CAN'T get Seal of Sun (SUN) items. They are completely removed from game because they are imbalanced.
- You can get Seal of Star (SOS) items from mobs around the map or uniques. Mobs doesn't drop SOM/SUN items.

Seal of Sos = Magic
Seal of Moon = Rare
Seal of Moon2 not sun ! = Legend

HP/MP pots 800
Magic tablet 2000
Attr tablet 2000
Magic stone 1000
Attr stone 1000
Drug of Typhoon 50
Universal pills 800
Elixirs 500
Arrows 1000
Lucky Powder 100

Start Items:
20 Reverse Return Scroll
1000 HP/MP Recovery Potion (Bags)
50 Instant Return Scroll
20 Speed Scrolls
3 days Monkey Summon Scroll
100,000 gold
200,000 sp point
Full set equipment
Hunter Guild Register Scroll.
Thief Guild Register Scroll.
Trader Guild Register Scroll.

Global Set system:
We‘ve added over 30 different sets with different bonuses in the game that are dropped by monsters all over the map. These sets might give you stats, health, mana, increased regeneration, parry, attack rating or have incredible stats on their own – high critical chance, high attack rating, damage, damage scaling, attack rating, attack distance etc. This gives a great incentive for players to go out and hunt monsters aswell as giving monsters a purpose rather than just being there for experience. Sets will be recognized by other players as they have completely different glows and + glows for that showoff factor that we all love.

New CoinSystem!:
Activity-Controlled Anti Cheat.
Job Coins : Traders go jobbing as usuall , automatic receive Job Coins when they Relog. Their Contribution gets saved as well and you can receive more than 2.147 Bill contribution. We don't have a limit for contribution, at last you need 3stars or 3x1 star.
Job Coins : you can buy all silk items with this coins also
you can get the weapon upgrader with them.
Note: you able to do this systems if your level above 80 and job level is 3 or above
needs 3 stars trade or above and level 3 at his job type to start receive his amount of job coins.
needs 3 stars trade or above and level 3 at his job type to start receive his amount of job coins.
Trader Gain : 6 Job Each trade he done.
should cover 3 star or above trade and also need level 3 at his job type to start receive his amount of job coins.
Note: you should be the only hunter in the party to get all the contribution or you maybe not receive anything.
Hunter Gain : 4 Job Each trade he Cover.
should Stole 3 star or above trade and also need level 3 at his job type to start receive his amount of job coins and own level should be 80+.
Note: you will receive 4 Job coins each trade you stolen but be sure the Trans pets costs 2Job coins so you wont cheat with your friend just for same count.

Snow Shield :
so to make more fair for int chars i decide to add int point into opening snow shield so str only able to open first snow shield .

Arena Required level :
i decide to required level for arena job war since it gives People alot of job coins etc ! so only 90 chars and above are able to enter the room to registrar.

Dmg/Def Scrolls are now 10% only !:

CTF System:
as you guys know there was event in sro called capture the flag i bring it back with new idea which will give you 5 CTF tickets with this ticket you able to buy job coin 5 CTF-C = 1 Job Coin

Max Skill
You actually read it right.One of the Old-School features that left you Jaw-dropped.
Well, we tried to use it and failed miserably. Hence, allowing us to make our own
Welcome to the first Private Server with Old-School Remakes!
Reason: You will be famous for being infamous!

Job Unique Temple
Ya unique temple which will give you alot of job coins and special items each gate has a unique which will give you alot of cool things !.
Reason: Balance the server !!

your able to teleport to this areas using this red marks at map ..
also you should teleport using your job suit on .
so what is the prize if i kill one of them ?
here we go! !:

-1- 50 Job Coin
-2- 1 immortal stone d10
-3- 2 astral stone d10
-4- 3 rev scroll
-5- 3 dmg scroll 10%
-6- 3 def scroll 10%
-7- 3 globals[

Unique system :
Uniques spawn randomly in their natural areas(!) ~ Giving every player on the server a fair chance to kill a unique
Note: There are over 600 spawns for each unique! Finally a really RANDOM unique spawn system! First of its' kind!
Automatic silks system for unique kills! Works instantly(after a teleport though).

D10 Element in npc:

Title List :

Avatars System:
Every week or two, the dresses in item mall will be replaced with other 2 dresses that will make a loop. We didn't want to add all Dresses at once, like we did on other servers.

Silk Per Hour:
However, you start getting silks from level 95
Activity-Controlled Anti Cheat System in place to ensure Equality and proper Quantity.
Reason: We do not like to give Multi-botters/Multi-Chars a better chance than You.

[Jangan Cave:
we have add all the teleports to all town teleport buildings , as some of you guys suggest.

Job Auto Reg:
you will be able to register at your selected job once you start playing and you cant change it , so its only happens 1 time per character , as start we will give you 3 scrolls that give you the ability to register at the job you want , once you click the item you will be teleported and your new job will be added , so you can start jobbing from the beginning, also your job nick name will be set as your character name.

Trivia Event - EventManager will write globals with various questions, you'll need to answer him, if you win you will receive 5 Silk & 15 Free Silks !
Lucky Party Number - EventManager will ask you to open Party Matching in game and open parties until you get his desired number. If you lucky to get it, you will receive 5 Silk & 15 Job Coins !
More events coming...

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