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22.08.2015, 05:16

Pinnacle | 10D | CH/EU | Dungeons | Balanced | Play more, play better

Short introduction:
We are a small team which consists of 2 developers and an investor, our main purpose is to achieve the true gaming experience. Through our extensive experience in SRO. We use multiple gameservers and the best DDoS protection available in the market to provide you with a lagless/no delay gaming experience. We'll be providing you with the best support possible. We added a new mastery called 'Knowledge' which will balance the server, our server will be job-based and we'll be giving away a lot of awesome stuff also do you miss the old SRO-times? We have enabled the Medusa (B5) Room back. It'll never be pay-2-win, oh well. Let's stop talking and take a look at the features.

Website: Pinnacle
Register: Pinnacle :: Registration
Forum: Pinnacle :: Community (Will be up soon, might change the link to
Download: Pinnacle :: Download
Facebook page: Pinnacle - Facebook
Elitepvpers thread Thread

Open(BETA): 08/24/2015 - 24th of August 2015
Grand Opening: 08/27/2015 - 27th of August 2015

Official Server Information:
  • Cap: 100
  • Races: CH/EU
  • EXP rate: 25x
  • SP rate: 25x
  • Drop rate: 10x
  • Gold rate: 10x
  • Sox rate: Normal
  • Slots(available): 1500 - This might be increased at any given time.

[GALLERY=title: Pinnacle Gallery][*]image:, title: Dungeons[*]image:, title: Pinnacle NPC[*]image:, title: Samarkand Mobs[*]image:, title: Samarkand Teleports[*]image:, title: SoS glow effect[*]image:, title: Moon glow effect[*]image:, title: Crusader glow effect[*]image:, title: Sun glow effect[/GALLERY]

Ordinary Features:

Start Items:

Items (Format: Name, Info)
  • 1x Instructor - used to enter "Instruction" room.
  • 1x Golden Scroll of Experience - 150% EXP/SP Increment
  • 1x Beginner Scroll of Exprience - 100% EXP Increment
  • 20x Beginner Scroll of Movement - 100% Speed Scroll
  • 10x Reverse Scroll - untradable
  • 1x Ghost Pick Pet - 3 Days

Automatic equipment:
You will get automatically equipped after reaching certain levels until level 81. Then you will have to get your equipments by yourself.
PS: You will have to teleport to get your equipment!

Items(Seals) adjustment
-We have adjusted SOS,SOM,Crusader,SoSun items.
-Here is how we adjusted them.
  • SOS = Last tier +1, with some extra reinforce. - Tradeable
  • SOS (With a greentext on it, represents the 8 classes of knowledge) = Last tier +2, with extra reinforce -Tradeable
  • SoM = Last tier +3 - Untradeable
  • Crusader = Last tier +4 - Tradeable.
  • Sun = Last tier +5 - Untradeable

-How to obtain them?
  • SOS will be obtainable from mobs, uniques, dungeons. Job temple mobs has a 2x higher rate though.
  • SOS(Set type) will be obtainable from dungeons' uniques.
  • MOON will be obtainable through jobbing, fgw.
  • Crusader will be obtainable from Medusa
  • SUN will be obtainable through certain currencies which can be obtained from job temple, jobbing, ba/ctf, unique hunting, quests, etc.

We didn't remove the original titles (Captain & General & Baronet & Knight),
But we changed the increased damage value, there'll be titles for top 3 Hunters/Traders/Thieves

Job titles (Format: Job Type, Rank, Title):
  • Hunter - #1 - Guardian
  • Hunter - #2 - Warlord
  • Hunter - #3 - Gladiator
  • Thief - #1 - Vanquisher
  • Thief - #2 - The Death Stalker
  • Thief - #3 - Loremaster
  • Trader - #1 - Peacekeeper
  • Trader - #2 - Traveller
  • Trader - #3 - Explorer

Unique slayer titles (Format: Unique, Title):
  • Tiger girl - Tiger Girl Slayer
  • Uruchi - Uruchi Slayer
  • Isy - Isy Slayer
  • Lord - Lord Slayer
  • Demon - Demon Slayer
  • Medusa - Medusa Slayer

Note: Job & Unique Slayers titles gives you more damage (+15%) than the normal titles such as Captain or General or Baronet or Knight.

Exclusive Features:

Our main feature, After finishing a certain quest, you'll get a random 'Book'. This book can help you learn the dark secrets of weapons; Each book has its own secret, it'll be your path.
We added knowledge so it could balance CH and EU. It consists of 8 classes. Each class has its own skills.
The current available classes/books are: Necromancer(The satan's servant), Magician(The mage), Mesmer(The evil magician), Guardian(The tank), Thief(The fastest), Warrior(The Immortal), Ranger(The beast master), Engineer (The mastermind)
PS: This mastery will serve as a mastery to balance CH/EU along with nerfing some eu skills (We didn't remove eu skills, we just nerfed 'em.). It will also be available for CH chars only. Moreover; Each chinese character can get only 1 class skills.
[GALLERY=title: Knowledge][*]image:[*]image:[/GALLERY]

Crates are items which can be purchased through Item mall, it has the ability to grant you a random item from Item mall which costs XX PP.

Crates (Format: Name, Price, Item cost range):
  • Silver Crate - 25 Pinnacle Points(PP) - 0 ~ 100 Pinnacle Points(PP)
  • Gold Crate - 70 Pinnacle Points(PP) - 0 ~ 150 Pinnacle Points(PP)
  • Diamond Crate - 110 Pinnacle Points(PP) - 0 ~ 250 Pinnacle Points(PP)

It's all based on luck.

[GALLERY=title: Crates][*]image:[/GALLERY]

Seal effects(Glows):
Have you been looking for cool seal effects which hasn't been done before in any server? We added some great seal effects.

[GALLERY=title: Seal effects][*]image:, title: SOS[*]image:, title: SOS(Green text)[*]image:, title: Moon [*]image:, title: Crusader[*]image:, title: Sun

Max plus
We have added a max plus of 13, the alchemy rate is fair enough to not make you pull your hair out.

Custom dungeons:
Y'all probably got bored of the old forgotten world dungeons, therefore, we decided to add new custom ones which will drop certain currencies and also the uniques inside these dungeons will drop SOS items, and SOS(With a greentext on it) items.

Pinnacle Points(PP) scrolls
You will be able to purchase Pinnacle Points(PP) scrolls from item mall and sell them/trade them for anything you might need.

[GALLERY=title: Pinnacle Points][*]image:[/GALLERY]


Many servers nowadays claims that they balanced the builds etc. Our balance is completely different, we didnt remove any eu skill nor ch skill. We just nerfed them and we didnt 'destroy' the advantages of the skills we nerfed. We know that most of you has always been a bit sceptical about the eu race, therefore, we spend a long time balancing it and nerfing it, testing the balance we made and we made sure that its not "outbalanced"
So, here is how we balanced it.


  • Heuksal
  • Bicheon
  • Pacheon
  • Cold
    Ice air force, 8 seconds to 15 seconds
  • Lightning
    Thunder phoenix Force, 8 seconds to 15 seconds
    Grass walk speed, 75% to 105%
  • Fire
    Cloud fire force, 8 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Force
    Cure therapies, force cures skills shares the same cooldown.
    Vital spot - body, 80% -> 45%
    Vital spot - mind, 80% -> 45%
    Vital spot - zero, 80% -> 45%
    Vital spot - brain, 80% -> 45%
  • Warrior
    Pain quota, 75% -> 50%
    Physical fence, 75% -> 42%
    Magical fence, 75% -> 42%
    Physical,morale, ultimate screen decreased the mag def, phy def a bit.
    Sprint assault, knockback probability, nerfed to 52%
    Iron skin, mana skin, decreased the mag,phy def a bit.
    Shield trash, shield crush, 80% -> 40%
  • Rogue
    Dagger desperate, 75% -> 60%
  • Wizard
    Earth,cold,lightning,fire spirit, 100% -> 90% dmg increase.
  • Warlock
    Red flower, 100% -> 90% dmg increase.
    Debuffs : 80% -> 45%/50%, 10 seconds cooldown.
  • Bard
    Mana/guard tambour, nerfed to 30%
    Dancing of --, 50%(or 40%) to 30%.
  • Cleric
    Gluts nerfed a little bit, to not kill ints 1 hit.
    Integrity, cooldown 7 seconds -> 10 seconds
    Healing cycle, cooldown -> 10 seconds.
    Bless spell, nerfed it a little bit.
    Reverse immolation, removed since it destroys fw and pvp.
    Offering, higher cooldown.