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26.10.2015, 15:35

Silkroad-Network★Fembria★110★Ch/eu★Job/unique/quest/coin★Low Rate★Orignal Gameplay★

GRAND OPENING: 2015-11-01

Hello and welcome to our advertisment thread. Are you fed up about all server which are closing their server after weeks? Do you have enough from all server which are overedited? Hell yeah, am and it is the reason, why we are starting Silkroad Network - Fembria. You are asking yourself why we took Fembria as servername? Because i played in the good old ECSRO times and im missing those times and i hope that some old Fembria players join this server to get the old feeling back. Back to the server: It is a classic 110 Cap server with only useful edits which makes the game more easier and enjoyable for you players. We tried to keep the real Silkroad as it is and tested everything to keep the old gameplay. Well if we got your interested stay and complete reading this thread with the explainitation about the server features/pictures.

Important Links


Server Information

Slots : 2000
Cap : 110
Degree : 11
Race : H/EU
Fortress : Jangan
HWID Limit : 2
CTF : Enabled
Battle Arena : Enabled
Available Regions : All
Seal Of Nova : Available
Egypt (A) : Available
Egypt (B) : Available
Chinese's Mastery : 440
Europe Mastery : 220
Magic POP : Disabled
Academy : Activated
Alchemy Plus Limit : +12
Guild Limit : 25 + 1
Union Limit : 1
Guild Penalty : 2 Hours
Job Penalty : 2 Hours
Silk per Hour : 2
Silk per Hour Level : 110

Server Rates

Experience Rate: x30
Experience Party Rate: x30
Item Drop Rate: x2
Gold Drop Rate: x1
Alchemy Rate: Low
Stone Drop Rate: x5
Elixir Drop Rate: x10
Berserk Rate: x2
Job Exp Rate: x2
Nova: x1
Forgotten World Rate: x1
Holy Water Temple Rate: x1

Server Properties

Well, we increased the monster spawn ingame, because many other private server are missing mobs to grind on.

Server Start Configuration

Now we will come to some of the big parts of our server configuration which will make the game easier and smother!

At first we will show you the start items you will get when you created a character.

Next we will show you that we increased the stats (strength and intelligent) so you can easy level up on monster in your level range with clean set :pimp:

To make the leveling easier we also activated the standard starter question at every npc potion merchant until 6 DG

Since we got the old school stacking system we increased the slots on pet inventory

Balance between Chinese and European Characters

We increased the Chinese mastery cap from 330 to 440 to make chinese more comfortable. You can skill now 4 skill tree's what is a pretty cool feature you can make dual build, full elemets + force or something similar

Old Trading System

You can make easily a trade in 1*, because we bring back the old system where you can do every 1* trade safe. Also we increased the stack of goods!

Unique System

Oh yeah, you definitly will love this feature, because we added a auto reward for hunting uniques. Every normal unique is dropping trophys and these trophys can be exchanged at So-Ok Event Manager. There you will get little rewards like Vigors, Reverse, Globals and Scroll like Hit, Trigger and other nice scroll. Before we forget it we changed the respawn time for uniques to 1-2 hours!

Cooldown's on Items and Skill

We added on Black Ress, Global Chatting, Reverse Return Scroll and Resurrection Scroll cooldowns

New Ride & Trade Pets

We added new Ride & Trade Pets until level 90 at Stable Keeper

Capture the Flag & Battle Arena

We changed the level requierement for CTF from 20 to 60, because for every kill you will recieve 1 Silk scroll and for BA to level 110 and increased the rewarding Arena Coins.

AntiCheat Cooldowns

We added cooldowns on: Restart, Exit, Stall and Exchange

Medusa & Roc

We buffed Medusa & Roc in Level and Drops. Roc is dropping tons of astral and immortal stones also advanced elixirs 11DG and Coins for EndGear Set low rate. Medusa is dropping tons of immortals and astrals and trophys.

Improved Quest System

We increased the Exp, Gold, Sp and SpExp reward on EVERY quest. Before you are crying x30 on 110 cap is low then you should start doing some quest since one oldschool thing is doing quest!

Endlevel Gear System

Finally we are coming to endgear system. It is pretty easy and will takes time (longterm). To buy parts for your Egypt Set you must farm Coins: Gold and Silver Coins. You will get them them on Holy Water Temple, Job Temple and at Roc. To get your lovely Egypt Wepean A you have to collect Talisman. You get these Talisman at Forgotten World Treasure Boxes and Sereness and to get Egypt B you must kill Serness at FGW she will drop it when you are lucky enough (Low Rate).

Job Temple

We added to normal Monster at Job Temple Arena Coins, Egypt Coins and Silk Scroll 1 with very low rate!

Fortress War AntiCheat & Reward

Last but not least we explain how the fortress system is working and what reward you will recieve. Well, our AntiCheat System is wonderful, because it is not possible to join the Fortress with more than 1 Character from 1 PC. Third Person Programs like Bots, Loader do not work in fortress, if you try to join with more than one character at fortress you are not able to use skills and will be useless. So we ban outside buffer from Fortress and it will be a fair fight. The fortress war reward systen is working like this: The winning guild will recieve for EVERY member 100 Silk Scroll automatic added in the Inventory. I hope you like this System!