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15.07.2020, 15:51

Vintage | 80 CAP | 9DG | 2x EXP | 5x QuestEXP | PLAY2WIN | LONG TERM | Silkroad Privat Server --->

Silkroad Privat Server

In order to keep your start a fresh one, we've added that package in your start inventory to be a start push without being too much.
10x Instant Teleport
10x Reverse Scroll
10x Drug of Tycoon
3Day Monkey
4k HP Pots
4k MP Pots

The Magicstones Lucky and Steady (9DG) are only dropped in the dungeon (tomb).
Lucky Magic Powder (9th) are also dropped in the dungeon (tomb) and can be exchanged for CTF coins.

You can buy Godbless and Premium for 275 Love. Godbless also gives you a cool effect.

In this section you will see the details of every single trade you will do
Jangan -> Hotan
Buy 55.000.000 -> Sell 218.755.000

The SOX items are only dropped by monsters. the final equipment is DG9 Seal of Moon.

Quests are the most enjoyable activity which we have in silkroad scene so we've cared about it in Vintage, you will find a daily quests which you can enjoy it everyday and fill your time with fun in vintage.

To make your leveling a little easier, we did the quest rate 5 times.

Daily Quest 1 10K EXP + 10M Gold + 10K SP + 10 Quest Coins
Daily Quest 2 20K EXP + 10M Gold + 20K SP + 10 Quest Coins
Daily Quest 3 40K EXP + 10M Gold + 30K SP + 10 Quest Coins
Daily Quest 4 40K EXP + 10M Gold + 40K SP + 10 Quest Coins
Daily Quest 5 50K EXP + 10M Gold + 50K SP + 10 Quest Coins

So that you don't get bored, we have also added 5 Daily Quest.

We chose Jangan as the capital and added the European NPC there too.

In this upcoming list you will find the items description which you can get through the NPCs:
1 DG +5 (3INT/3STR)
2 DG +5 (3INT/3STR)
3 DG +5 (3INT/3STR)
4 DG +5 (3INT/3STR)
5 DG +5 (4INT/4STR)
6 DG +5 (4INT/4STR)
7 DG +5 (5INT/5STR)
8 DG (5INT/5STR)
9 DG

You can travel all over the world from Janang.

Unique | Respawn | Rewards
Tiger Girl | 60 Min | 1x Silver Box
Ceberus | 60 Min | 1x-2x Silver Box
Captain Ivy | 60 Min | 2x-3x Silver Box
Uruchi | 60 Min | 3x-4x Silver Box
Isyutaru | 60 Min | 5x-6x Silver Box
Lord Yarkan | 120 Min | 1x Gold Box
Demon Shaitan | 120 Min | 2x Gold Box

Unique | Rewards
GhostSungSung | 30% Quest Coin
YumJae The Blue Hawk1x | 1x Gold Box
SoHaow The White Tiger | 1x Gold Box
ShinMoo The man of Flames | 3x Gold Box

Unique | Rewards
White Tiger (Dungeon) | Lucky/Steady Stones (DG9) 10%
Tiger Girl (Dungeon) | 1x Silver Box + 3x Lucky Magic Powder (9DG)
Power Tiger Girl (Dungeon) | 1x Gold Box + 10x Lucky Magic Powder (9DG)

Unique | Rewards
Penon Fighter (Dungeon) | Lucky/Steady Stones (DG9) 10%
Isyutaru (Dungeon) | 1x Silver Box + 3x Lucky Magic Powder (9DG)
Power Isyutaru (Dungeon) | 1x Gold Box + 10x Lucky Magic Powder (9DG)

Unique | Rewards
Niya Soldier (Dungeon) | Lucky/Steady Stones (DG9) 10%
Lord Yarkan (Dungeon) | 1x Silver Box + 3x Lucky Magic Powder (9DG)
Power Lord (Dungeon) | 1x Gold Box + 10x Lucky Magic Powder (9DG)

We've added the Arabian Dungeon in order to keep the fun alive into our server, you can enter there alone, also you can summon your party members inside, so yea I advice you to go there with your friends
Firstly you will withstand 100 GhostSungSung monsters.

YumJae The Blue Hawk

SoHaow The White Tiger

Boss. ShinMoo The man of Flames

Event | Time
Trivia | 11:00:00 AM
Choose the correct Answer | 12:00:00 PM
Convert The Word | 01:00:00 PM
Rearrange The letters | 02:00:00 PM
Lucky Global | 04:00:00 PM
Lottery Gold | 05:00:00 PM
Last Man Standing | 06:00:00 PM
Search And Destroy | 07:00:00 PM
Survival | 08:00:00 PM
Stall | 09:00:00 PM
Hide And Seek | 10:00:00 PM
Lottery Silk | 11:00:00 PM