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29.12.2020, 08:26

Asgard l NonBotServer l Cap 110 l PVE l New Dungeon l Alex Fw

Sorry here are only allowed 10k length [here are like 75>% missing]
You can read Full Server Information here

  • We liked the idea of ​​making you a simple server so that you can enjoy things and avoid complications. This makes us unique.
    So if you like systems of this kind and simplicity, welcome to your new family, you've come to the right place!

Our target:
  • We want to provide a stable bug-free server where all players will have fair chances to reach the top. A play2win server to take the best decisions for its players.

Main targets:
  • Play2win
    Long Term
    Fair Gameplay
    Active and Friendly Community

Basic Information:
[list]Information | Value
Level Cap|110
Experience rate|15x
Items drop rate|5x
Gold drop rate|2x
Trade goods rate|1x
Alchemy rate|1x
Max plus|12
Guild Limit|15
Union Limit|2
HWID Limit|2
IP Limit|4
Fortress War|Alexandria
Battle arena|Enabled
Capture the flag|Enabled
Forgotten world|Enabled
Job Temple|Enabled
Holy Water Temple|Enabled
Job Academy|Enabled
Magic Pop|Enabled
ADV Elixir|Enabled
Pill Bug:|Disabled
Restart Button:|Disabled
Automatic Events|Available
Oldschool Interface|Added
New Gui Interface|Added
Ch Balanced Buff|Added

Starter Package:
  • Because we always want to offer you a fair gameplay, we've added a good package when you start playing to make your adventure more easier in the beginning.

Level Cap 110:
  • The Cap 110 is a fantastic cap that everyone loves but there so many Bot Server cap 110! that why we Build a Cap 110 NonBot Server

CH Balanced Skill:
  • We are trying to do balanced cap 110 with a new skill. We just added our own skills for balancing between eu and ch builds.The skill has been added to the Mastery Force [Mastery request 0] so you can use it immediately

Botting is not allowed:
  • Many private servers Allowed to run bots
    We want to give you the feeling of a real game play where not Allowed
    to Botting ! This server is about team play and the fun of playing

Fortress War Alexandria:
  • Alexandria, the main location of the game, we felt like we had to add something new, We came up with the idea of ​​the Alexandria Fortress War. A new fortress war is a new challenge for the players and works without errors. and since Alexandria is the capital, the tax will be on every town so gold will be great! Now regroup your friends and sharpen your weapons for the battle.

  • NPC Fortress War Manager location is Alexandria North

Endless Dungeon:
  • The Endless Dungeon is a newly created instance for teamwork in Asgard.
    We made them for everyone. It would also be very useful if you joined a team.
    There are 30 waves! where you can get a lot of items
    -Be careful because more monsters appear with each wave and the monsters get stronger every 10 waves

    • Monster:
      Monsters spawn on certain waves
      - Wave 1-8
      - Wave 11-18
      - Wave 21-28
      - High Drop Chance of Elixir - Stones D11

    • Unique:
      Uniques spawn on certain waves
      - Wave 9
      - Wave 19
      - Wave 29
      - High Drop Chance of Elixir - Stones D11 - Mall items

    • Boxes:
      Boxes spawn on certain waves
      - Wave 10
      - Wave 20
      - Wave 30
      - High Drop Chance of Elixir - Stones D11 - Mall items - Coins

Forgotten World:
  • The forgotten world is one of the most entertaining dungeons in Silkroad.
    We activate them so that everyone can enjoy them. It would also be very useful if you collected the talismans from the boxes and killed the unique pieces that help you get EGY A weapons.
    Shield and Egy B items can be dropped from the unique pieces at hard rates. Prepare yourself and your friends.

Server Menu:

  • Here comes the most interesting part in Asgard! A new exclusive Gui Menu!
    Lock System - Character Ranking - Event Timer - Unique Status - Title Manager - Grant Name - Extra Menu - Web Links.

  • Lock System:
    If your character is Locked you cannot Walk or drop any items - buy - sell - exchange - storage - open stall.

  • Character Ranking:
    You will be able to check constantly Your Character Points in Character ranking without going to the website
    The Ranking of characters is based on point by Activity.

  • Title Manager:
    annoyed by the title scrolls ? There is no such thing in Asgard :)
    Here you can change your title at any time in the title manager that you received through quests and other events.

  • Grant Name:
    Annoyed that the guild master is afk and you can't change your GrantName?
    You can use these functions to change your grant name at any time
    So you don't have to wait for the guild master to respond.

  • Unique Status:
    You don't have to check your log or website to see if a unique Alive or died
    Here you can check which Unique are alive and which have been killed.

  • Event Timer:
    Here you can check when an Auto event starts and how long ago it was.

  • Schedule Timer:
    Here you can check the Schedule time when it open/start and how long ago it was.

  • Extra Menu:

    • Vote for Silk:
      After voting on the webpage, click this button and receive your Silk reward.
      Requets Level: 100+
      Bound: IP - HWID - Account 1x per day

    • Daily Login:
      When you press this button, you will receive your daily login reward.
      Requets Level: 100+
      Character bound: 1x per day

    • Job Reward:
      When you press this button, you will get after Selling goods a second reward.
      Requets Level: 100+
      Character bound: 5x per day

    • Server Event Reward:
      When you press this button,you will receive an additional reward on holidays.
      Requets Level: Vote for Silk
      Account bound: 1x per day

    • Register Event:
      When you press this button, you can register for a specific event, Example Silk Lottery.

Sox System:
  • The desire and seeking for getting Sox Items. Our System is not complicated but at the same time it's not easy to get ,
    We did not modify the 11D items or did we modify their stats. We believe they are already balanced the way they are.
    Below are the explanations of how to get each and every 11D SOX that exists in the game.

  • Seal of Nova:
    Seal of Nova Items will be dropped from all mobs that are level 101+ . The rate is not too high, it's just balanced to keep nova a valuable SOX.

  • Egy A:
    Weapons can be obtained by collecting the 8 Talismans of the Forgotten World.

  • Egy B:
    [Shipwreck -The Sea of Resentment] Weapons and shields [Shield Egy A&B] can be drop by Sereness of the Forgotten World.

  • Immortality Set:
    You can buy Immortality Set parts for Gold and Silver Coins which are obtainable from the Job Temple uniques.

  • Legend Accessories:
    Purchasable for Arena coins which are obtainable through the Battle Arena.

  • If an Nova item is dropped or an Egy item is found in Forgotten World, a server notice will be appear
    Example Congratulations, CharName You have Found Capricorn Gia Brain

  • Alchemy is one of the most entertaining systems in silkroad history, to be honest we didn't make it easy , you will be challenged to reach a high plus Alchemy, now your turn to show your alchemy skills.

  • Plus 1 = 100%
  • Plus 2 = 75%
  • Plus 3 = 50%
  • Plus 4 = 25%
  • Plus 5 = 10%
  • Plus 6 = 8%
  • Plus 7 = 6%
  • Plus 8 = 5%
  • Plus 9 = 5%
  • Plus 10 = 5%
  • Plus 11 = 5%
  • Plus 12 = 5%


Dieser Beitrag wurde bereits 1 mal editiert, zuletzt von »NorseGodTyr« (27.01.2021, 16:50)


19.01.2021, 09:52

Dear Player Server Inspection 18-01-2021
Greetings, everyone!
The maintenance . Here is a list of the changes

- [Edited] Exp rates change from x15 to x20
- [Edited] Snow flake event reward chnaged from Male Dress to Global
- [Edited] D1-D9 Magic Stones sell price switch to 1k Gold
- [Added] Titan Spawn 1x per week on Monday 18:00
- [Added] New Event Asgard Letter
-Reward from Asgard Letter
* Shield Elixir
* Acc Elixir
* Protector Elixir
* High speed return scroll
* Normal Global
* Blue Global
* Green Global
* Purple Global
* Orange Global
* Reverse Return Scroll
* HP Potion 2800
* MP Potion 2800
* Lucky Stone D10
* Lucky Stone D11
* Steady Stone D10
* Steady Stone D11
* Monster Scroll
* Pandora Box
* White Knight Dress
* White Knight Hat
* White Knight Attach
* Winter Princess Dress
* Winter Princess Hat
* Winter Princess Attach
- Log was emptied


21.01.2021, 10:49

Dear Player Server Inspection 21-01-2021
Greetings, everyone!
The maintenance . Here is a list of the changes

- [Edited] Added DPS meter
- [Fix] 2 Bridges near Fortres war teleport
- [Edited] Reward from Asgard Letter
* Lucky Stone D10 to Str Stone D11
* Steady Stone D10 to Int Stone D11

Lets make CH Character Party Based
- [Added] 2 New skill to Force
* Black res
* Bless Spell
- [Added] 4 New skill to Fire
* Pain Quota
* Physical Fence
* Magical Fence
* Protect
- [Added] 4 New skill to Lighting
* Force Deity
* Mental Deity
* Body Deity
* Soul Deity
- [Added] 6 New skill to Ice
* Dancing of Healing
* Dancing of Vitality
* Dancing of Mana
* Dancing of Mentality
* Guard Tambour
* Mana Tambour

Thread update Added
CH Party Skills:
We are trying to do Ch Character Party Based with some EU skills.




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