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03.11.2009, 00:01

Chosen one - Silkroad movie by wiNt

Hey all.
Here is next movie created by me :)
I hope you like it, this can be interpreted arbitrarily.
I still havent enough time to do better movie, now I'm on RedSea so there are awesome ppl that wanna help me in movies. So I think I'll start do movies with story or something. But now have fun with this one :)

Programs used :
Video Card - record
Sony Vegas - edit
Adobe After Effect - edit
VirtualDub - compression



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03.11.2009, 00:10

Nice one :) Video editing is a seven times sealed book for me :( may you can say me in which professional level/direction you still work!?
/Edit: Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell is an awesome piece of music but it can be found in nearly each 2nd game-video ;) if you need some tips for nice soundtracks (games and movies) dont hold back to ask me :)

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03.11.2009, 08:54

wint ur the best editor after focus (hes gone but not forgotten)

the vid is another masterpiece :)

btw where ya from ?


03.11.2009, 13:48

Awesome shit like always, but as i have to say again, there is no story behind ur title.



03.11.2009, 18:27

where ya from ?
Fard - Der Junge ohne Herz


03.11.2009, 18:43

Ja, Ich komme aus Polen und Ich wonne in Bardo ; D
something like that ;P


03.11.2009, 19:32

Since I didn't like the last 1 or 2 movies you made I absolutely love this one. Great work again.
ᵇ ᶫ ᵅ ᶜ ᵏ ᵑ ᵅ ᵖ ᵅ ᶫ ᶬ


03.11.2009, 19:59

NIce Work.I love that thief with the E-Guitar x3


04.11.2009, 18:49

very nice ^^
the editing is wonderful like always, keep goin'. i bet your next video with storyline will be great :thumbsup:

btw. i saw a "Silk Wars" preview about 1 year ago, will you ever make a movie like that? or are you not able to do that with new .pk2?..



09.11.2009, 17:30

It's just like all of your movies. You don't seem to be making any progress in matters of movie making.

-> Not that bad, but since I know your other clips, it was quite boring: 4/10.
I gotta get in shape.
From now on will be total organization.
Every muscle must be tight.