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25.07.2012, 19:55

New Server BlackMoon Silkroad Cap LvL 120 Skill LVL 120 PVE Server

BlackMoon is a new private silkroat server and we are constandly working on it.
There will be lots of renewals.
For the start we have already made a little change on the teleporter.
And many more ... check it out ;D
Of course, everything we do is for your advantage and we will keep going on to
make the game play a little more comfortable.

regards your BlackMoon Team
Server Details:

BlackMoon - Where the fun begins

* Exp Rates :80x
* Party Exp Rate: 85x
* Gold Drop Rate: 15x
* Drop Rate: 30x
* Level cap : 120
* Skill cap: 120
* Mastery cap : 360 (CH) , 240 (EU)
* Gear cap : 12th Degree
* Weapon cap : 12th Degree
* Race : Both Chinese and European
* Autopot : Automatically


Server Event Times:

* Fortresswar Time
- Register (Every Friday, starting 12:00 PM - Saturday 12:00 PM, 24hrs)
- War (Every Sunday 8:00PM - 10:00PM)

* CTF Time
- Register (Every Hour X:50 - X:00)
- CTF (Starts X:01 - X:26)</b>

* Unique Spawn Event Time
- Spawn (to be announced)

Special Client Modifcations:

Live Support:

!Soon on the Site!
Teamspeak 3 Server:
Silkroad Beschreibung:
Silkroad is a PvM (player versus monster)-based MMORPG (massivly multiplayer online role play game). It also includes the possibility to fight with other players (pvp).

It convinces by good animated skills and very realisic graphics.

The hunt for monsters is almost incidental.
Most meet in front of the cities to kill each other in pvp.

But this is not the ony pvp.

You can choose a "job" at level 20 or higher.
The choices are:

The hunter's job is to protect the traders from the attacks of npc and player thieves while he moves from city to city.

The traders mission is to bring goods from one city to another city. But the trader is regularly under attack by "NPC Thiefs", but also player thieves may attack him.

Thieves are trying to get the goods from the trader by killing him.

You see, everything belongs to the circle of life.

Another possibility is the hunting of so called "Uniques" (Special Monstern).Each Unique spawns every 4 hours.
There is:
Tiger Girl (Lv 20 Jangan)
Uruchi (Lv 40 Donwhang)
Isyutaru (Lv 60 Karakoram)
Lord Yarkan (Lv 80 Taklamakan)
Demon Shaitan (Lv 90 Roc Mountain)
Captain Ivy (Lv 30 Samarkand)
Cerberus (Lv 20 Constantinople)

Let's head to the character classes.
There are two different types of classes, the chinese and the european type.
Chinese characters are balanced. The european type inflicts more damage but it also dies faster.

Both of them have different classes to play


A character class which does relatively much damage and has a lot of health points.
It is recommended to distribute all status points on Strenght.
A good class for newcomers.

Bladers have high defense but they do moderate damage
It is recommended to distribute all status points on Strenght.

Average damage and defense
A distance fighter
It is recommended to distribute all status points on Strenght.

He is based on magical attacks and does alot of damage
Therefore he hasn't that much health.
Recommendation is Pure int. or hybrid for the distribution of the status points
(For advanced players)

Does pure magical damage but not as much as the spear.
Therefor he has a shield and better defense than the spear.
However, his life points are lower than the spear one's as well.
Recommendation is Pure int. or hybrid for the distribution of the status points
(For advanced players)

Onehanded Sword:
Wears a shield and a sword
He is a quite balanced character.
Recommendation is pure strenght.

Twohanded Sword:
He has a strong two handed sword that causes lots of damage
Powerful Buffs!
Recommendation is pure strenght.

Dual Axe:
He is wearing two axes and does quick attacks
Powerful Buffs!
Recommendation is pure strenght.


A magical character class.
His ability is to debuff other monsters and players to weaken them and cause constant damage.
Recommendation is pure intelligence (int.)

Does the highest magical damage,
for that reason his defense is weak and he dies easy.
Not recommended for newcomers
Recommendation is pure intelligence

The cleric is the healer class of silkroad.
He has got strong heal and buff spells.
With his Buffs he can make other players almost invincible, but he is hardly possible to fight alone
Recommendation is pure int.

The town where the chinese characters begin.
Monster Level 1-20

The second town for chinese players.
Monster Level 20-43

Donwhang Cave:
A cave with monsters between Level 60-75.

The capital of Silkroad Online
Monster Level 43-50

Monster Level 52-64

Monster Level 60-80

Roc Mountain:
Monster Level 70-90

The town where the european players begin.
A quite big town but there are not much players in it
Monster Level 1-20

A quite small town.
Monster Level 20-40

Q-Chi Cave:
close to jangan city
Monster Level 90-100..

Monster Level 100-110

Jupiter Tempel
Monster Level 111-119
Maximum lvl is 120.

The levels of the weapons and equipments are divided in "degrees":

Lv 1-8: 1. Degree
Lv 8-16: 2. Degree
Lv 16-24: 3. Degree
Lv 24-32: 4. Degree
Lv 32-42: 5. Degree
Lv 42-52: 6. Degree
Lv 52-64: 7. Degree
Lv 64-76: 8. Degree
Lv 76-90: 9. Degree
Lv 90-100: 10.Degree
Lv101-120 11/12 Degree

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