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27.02.2015, 10:23

WarCrew Cap 80 Only Chin /Free Silk / PVE / No Coin System

Hello We Present

No Coin System / No Pay to Win

Forum / Website
Live Support


Game Info Value
Level cap 80.
Gear cap 8th degree.
Skill cap 80.
Server files VSRO.
Races Chinese.
EXP Rate 10x.
Alchemy Rate 2x.
Job Rate 20x.
item Drop Rate 5x.
Gold Drop Rate 5x.
Silk Per Hour
Bot Allowed.
Start lvl 1
IP Limit 4.
Opening date 15.02.2015

Start Items WarCrew
1000x hp & mp Item Mall Pots
Devil 7 Day
pick Pet 3 day
Angel Wings
20x Reverse
1x Inventory Side

Survival Event Zone
Survival PvP Zone
Styria Clash Hunter/Thief

Features & Information

Roc Drop 100% 1 Sun Drop
Silk per H Random
More Unique Drop Item Mall Items
Berserker / Globals / Immortal / Astral /Devil
Roc Mountain Full with Niya Sniper
Roc Mountain & taklamakan spawn more Unique`s
Sox Rate 5x
Fortress War Only Jangan
Mercenary Enable
All FW Unqiue Enable
New Glows / Sun Weapon
Minimap Only
Jangan / Downhang / Hotan / Roc Mountain
(No Euro map)
Daily Events
Bot Allowed
Stones 1k,Elixirs 1k stack
Pick up pet 5 pages
Support from 12:00 - 20:00 UTC+01(German Time)
Teamspeak 3
DDoS Protect
Exploit Protect

Newest update
New Weapon & Quest
Forgotten World

Spoiler Spoiler


Spoiler Spoiler


WarCrew Team

Spoiler Spoiler

Andreas @ [GM]xBrainwash [/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Game Master
Eugen @ [GM]Polaris
Marko @ [GM]Power[/COLOR]

In Game Support No Rights

Auto Event Tool


Spoiler Spoiler

1.You are not allowed to speak any language other than German or English in global chat. Also you are not allowed to harass, curse, threaten or be racist against anyone. This includes character, pet and guild names.

2.You will follow the instructions of GMs while in the game!

3.Characters with names that are not allowed (obscene, offensive, GM, GMA, EM, Admin, Mod, Moderator) will be deleted.

4.You will not attempt to interfere with or hack into our servers or our website.

5.You are not allowed to pretend to be a GM or any workers of the Silkroad company, violation of this rule is a permanent ban.

6.It is not your duty to enforce the rules of WarCrew, the in game GMs will do that job. However, if you notice any violations of these rules, you must contact the GM. When contacting GMs, you are not allowed to harass or threaten GMs for any cause.

7.Do NOT share your account info with anyone else, we are not responsible for hacking of accounts if you share your info.

8.If you insult any team member (GMs, EMs, Moderators,etc.), immediate ban is your reward.

9.We know Silkroad is not a perfect game, there are quite a lot of bugs. However, if you see a bug, do not abuse it, instead, you should report the bug immediately and we will fix it as soon as possible.

10.Do not interfere with the GM's working if you see GMs on your server, they are there to maintain the game play. If you violate this rule, there will be severe punishment.

11.Virtual items and characters are all properties of silkroad company. Exchanging in game items, characters or helping of level of any kind for real world money is not allowed what so ever.

12.One more time: You can't sell your accont and/or in-game pssessions for a real-life currency.

13.Do not openly (for example, using globals) insult, harass, or threaten any in game members, this is a violation of our chat etiquette. You may not use harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language!

14.Do not use PMs to lie, or plan to harass others with friends. We're trying to build a friendly community that's suitable for everyone.

15.There is no refund whatsoever on ordered Silks. If you issue a refund, you will get banned.

16.GMs are not allowed to interfere with in game personal and community problems. If there was such problems, you may not ask the GMs for help.

17.If we catch you using fake information to make accounts on WarCrew, you will be banned and you will not be able to make any new accounts. If you were to share the info you signed up with with anyone, then we will stop and deactivate your account immediately.

18.You are not allowed to abuse bugs in game for duplicating or making money, gears/items, or power leveling. If you were caught doing so, your character may be rolled back, deleted, and worst cases your account will be frozen.

19.You are not allowed to spam in any chat window (PM/all chat) to any normal players/GMs/EMs in any situations. (including Q&A Event)

20.You are not allowed to advertise any website, service or pornography/racist/fascist content ingame or on our facebook page. If you do, you will be banned.

21.You are not allowed to advertise any other silkroad's servers ingame . If you violate this rule, we will permanently ban your account.


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19.04.2015, 11:34

Update 16-04-2015

Spoiler Spoiler


New Items

Honor Buffs

Skills reset

Stats Point reset

Change Name

Silk Scroll

New lottery System
Reward Win Avatar /Sun Item / Silk Scroll / Honour Buffs / Devil S

Update 18-04-2015

Spoiler Spoiler

Adding New NPC

Add items to new NPC (Arena Coins)

Add New items in item Mall

Add New Item ( Silk Scroll )

Add items To Unique
Arena Cons 1-20 Unit

Demon & Roc Drop
Lottery Random Avatar
Lottery Random honour Buff
Silk Scroll (100 Silk)
HP & MP 4100
Devil Res

CTF & Battle Arena
Winner get 50 Arena Coins
looser get 5 Arena Coins

Job temple
Wring Tribe Attacker lvl 80
Drop Arena Coins