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30.03.2021, 16:27

Global-SRO |Only CH |100 CAP | CoinSystem | LONG TERM | JOIN NOW --->

Hello everybody,
we want to introduce you to the server Global-SRO.

How did we come up with the idea of ​​the server?
We have played on many servers but never found the right one. Now we thought we'd make a server ourselves exactly the way we want it.

What is important to us about the server?
It is important to us that everyone plays fairly with one another. Without any kind of insult or racism!

How is the server financed?
We'll pay for the servers! Of course you can support us a little and buy coffee from us, but only if you want.
Because you can access everything on the server without buying anything!

Which game system does the server have?
It bores us if you have the max level after 3 days and the endgear after 1 week. That is why everything is a little slower on Global-SRO.
We have inserted a few coins that you can collect in different ways. Some with and others without the bot.

Do you have any further questions then please contact us.
But now first the most important information for you.


3 PM Servertime

8 PM Servertime

No data will be deleted between the beta and the grand opening


Only CH!

Start Items

The quest rate is:
Exp = 6x
Gold = 4x
SP Exp = 10x
SP = 10x

We have also added daily quest with the following reward:

Daily Quest Beginner
Exp 200,000/Gold 1,000,000/SP 20,000/100 Quest Coins
Daily Quest Scorpion
Exp 600,000/Gold 2,000,000/SP 40,000/100 Quest Coins
Daily Quest Penon Fighter
Exp 1.000,000/Gold 3,000,000/SP 60,000/100 Quest Coins
Daily Quest Niya Guard
Exp 2,000,000/Gold 4,000,000/SP 80,000/100 Quest Coins
Daily Quest Akeru
Exp 5,000,000/Gold 5,000,000/SP 100,000/200 Quest Coins

In the NPC´s, the items are processed as follows:

1DG - 8DG = +5
9DG = +0

Stones can be beught in the NPC for Global Coins or farmed.

The capital is Jangan from there you can travel comfortably.

In Global-SRO you pay with these coins.

Quest Coins are obtained from the Quest as you have surely already noticed above.
These can then be exchanged for Global Coins.
So you havethe opportunity to farm Global Coins even with a low level.

You can farm Global Coins around Samarkand

Honor Coins can be farmed from almost all uniques in the game.
These can then be exchanged for Honor Buffs.

You can buy Lucky Magic Powder in Jangan at the Coin Shop with Global Coins

The Set you can buy in Jangan for Global Coins.

The Accesories is dropped from the uniques.

The Shield you will get from Death Bone (Str/Int) in the Unique Area.

Sun things can only be obtained by upgrading them from Moon.
The EgyA items must be +9 for this.

Moon +9 --> Sun +0[/img]

What does coffee have to do with Silkroad.
It is easy.
We decided to pay with coffee instead of silk.

Where can I get coffee now?

You see it`s not so difficult.
But if it is still too difficult for you,
you can also buy some on the website.

[table=head][b]Username - epvp
|Join Date - epvp|Nickname - PServer|Position - PServer
GlobalSRO2021|04/09/2021|GlobalSRO|Server Admin[/table]






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