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06.04.2015, 18:18

Tides Online Cap 100 / Coin System / EU & Chin / Free Silk /

Tides Online

I'd like to announce our server - Tides Online (Cap 100)
we are here to offer our community fresh and nice game play with alot of fun and amazing features.
Who we are ?
We are a professional, international team with a lot of experience, all our team members mature and trusted people.

Server status: ONLINE

Website Tides------->
Forum Tides------->
Live Support------->

Server Information:
Level Cap: 100
Skill Cap: 100
Race: Chinese/European
Mastery Limit: Chinese - 360, European - 200
Experience: x40
Skill Experience: x40
Party Experience: x45
Item Drop: x10
SoX Drop: x5
Gold Drop: x10
Job Rate: 120x
Alchemy rate: 1x
High Performance server
DDoS Protected
Stable server.
IP limit - 2.
Server Features:
Honor rank disabled
All regions working
Fortress war enabled (Jangan only).
Fortress War Time: Saturday 19:00 GMT+1 - Server time.
Working Guild/Union Icons.
Jewel Box event.
CTF enabled (reward Copper Coins).
Elixirs, Potions, and much more can be stacked to a higher amount.
Disabled Magic Pop.
Removed Job penalty.
Removed Guild penalty.
Weekly updates.
Daily Events.
Nice web features (Under constuction)
Botting: Light Botting allowed (3 accounts max)
Unique spawn time decrease to 30min~1 Hour.
Free Silk can be obtained from uniques, Survival Arena, CTF.
You can teleport to Jangan cave from Jangan teleporter.
10th degree Astral/Immortal stones can be dropped from all uniques.
9 new zerk quests with more powerful beserker.
Survival Arena.
Global chatting, pandora boxes every 10 levels.
Free VC Trader, which selling item mall items for Free VC.
Free VC from CTF,Survival arena, from uniques.
Silk per Vote
Advanced elixirs.
Sos +5/+7 Items in npc until 9 degree.
Some of europian skills have longer delay (due balance).
Grab pets with 5 inventory pages.
3 New Uniques.
Coin System
Alchemy success notice from +9
Survival Arena B1: Enabled (Mobs lvl: 20~40).
Survival Arena B2: Enabled (Mobs lvl: 50~70).
Survival Arena B3: Enabled (Mobs lvl: 80~100).
Survival Arena B4: Enabled (Mobs lvl: 100).
Survival Arena B5: Enabled (Mobs lvl: 100).
PvP Arena: Enabled.
Event Arena: Enabled.
Roc Entrance: Enabled.
Roc Zones: Enabled.
Roc Mountain: Enabled.
Server Towns: Hotan, Don Hang, South and Jangan.
Server Zones: All Enabled.

Start Items:
3 Inventory Pages
100.000 Gold
50.000 SP
1x Tides Premium Gold Time 3 Days
20k Reverse Return Scroll's
20x Instant Return Scroll's
20x Beginner Speed Scroll's
1x 3 Days Tides Grab Pet
1x Tides Outfit M/F

Auto-title quests System

I'm really proud to present one of our fantastic systems, We wanted the players in-game to play like the Boss. No one is different, no one is special! Were doing everything for rising up the players elegant. Titles are the most important thing in the Character which gives some impression and some interesting. We wanted to present the enjoyment outfits for our lovely players. This system accepts all the players suggestions, this system manages everything had a relation within' the Auto-title quests. You can get a simply quest from our simply NPC at Jangan for free, when you complete the specific quest, you will be rewarded with the title you've chosen to be quested. Let me guide you about everything.

NPCs System

Presenting a little system which had ability with many things in da server. NPC's System are well made in one town which it's Don Hang, we do not want to glitch around with many NPCs. So, we've made some important NPCs who manages everything in the server with payout oufits, rate & silk items, weapons & sets. Everything is in their heart.

Survival Arenas System

We always want to get you the best service in-game. I may write about this system a really big novel! Survival arenas are like Immortal places, Forgotten & Forgiven arenas which fight all the gladiators all around the game, which mobs try to kill you, the place where the glory and the fame is. Survival arenas are arranged into simply 5 locations, B1 & B2 & B3 & B4 & B5. B1 is well a big arena which had simply the mobs from lvl (20~40), Mobs there drop rare and silk and coins and many various items. B2 is totally the same within' B1 but had more powered mobs which exactly mobs are from lvl (50~70). B3 is the same like B1&B2, only over powered mobs which exactly mobs are from lvl (80~100), B1&B2&B3 are all the locations for getting plvl, dropping many various stuffs, many mobs and many things. B4 & B5 are from lvls (100), all the mobs there are very strong and very powered and they can attack with high damages, you must be in a well big party with your friends, to get buffs and to try to have many drops, you can easy get with really very high rate SoSun weapons dropped from the mobs. The whole Survival Arenas are all like Glory places, do not never forget about it, you've to visit various times to get many good scrolls, drops, suns. We've always worked hard to present the best game-play to our lovely players!
How to enter:

Gold & Silver System

Since, Gold & Silver coins are well ignored by the other private servers. We want to rise up in our server. Actually, Gold & Silver are the important currency in-game which manages many things. You can buy SoSun and SoMax weapons and sets and many various stuffs. Ofcourse, Castle Coins and Gold&Silver coins are the most important coins in-game currency which you're able to buy pets, avatars, scrolls and the rare & silk weapons and sets.
-Gold & Silver coins are well dropped with a well high rate from the Survival arenas.
-We've a simply NPC at Don Hang which sells every gold coin for 100m, You''l make a trade with your friends or with well made party trade to get some gold to buy alot of gold coins which means that the gold coins are giving everyone the ability to buy the SoSun weapons and the SoMax weapons.

Tides 24.168.318 HP - Respawn delay 3 hours

Red Admiral Dress,Hat,Attachment M/F, Angel Spirit, 200~250 Free VC,10~15 10th Degree Immortal & Astral stones.

Babilion (Tides Minion) - 20.168.318 HP - Respawn delay 3 hours

New Arabian dress,Hat,Attachment M/F, Angel Spirit, 100~150 Free VC,7~9 10th Degree Immortal & Astral stones.

Fire Cerberus (Tides Minion) - 20.168.318 HP - Respawn delay 3 hours

Red Saint Knight Dress,Hat,Attachment M/F, Angel Spirit, 100~150 Free VC,7~9 10th Degree Immortal & Astral stones.

Free Silk ?? Yes Vote for Silk on Website

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